YOP12 Week 44/52 – a bit of this and that



My socks are progressing well and may get finished in the next week so as I showed them last week I’ll wait for next week when they should be finished.


Way back in YOP9 week 13 I sewed a project bag on my sewing machine that had sat dormant for many years so it had been a struggle and a battle and the stitching was a complete mess. However on that post the photo hides all the dodgy stitching, the thread knots and clumps etc. I had dismantled the bag a few months ago and on Monday I reconstructed it. From a blog point of view it looks the same as before, but I can see it’s much neater and now has matching cord drawstrings too.

Large project bag

On my YOP list this year is to make a test version of a top that I will eventually make a version with handwoven cotton. This week I have cut out the pieces on some test cotton fabric and hope to next week sew the pieces together. I’m running low on space here so won’t post a photo until the pieces are constructed.


I did my first plying on my jumbo bobbin and well it was a bit of a disaster (bottom skein).

I’m going to need some more playing practice on it so I’ll spin up some random wool scraps to practice plying. My main issue is it’s under twisted at the start of the 2nd skein, so a big difference between the two. I’m not worried though as I think I’m going to save this yarn for doing some weaving with.

Other News

I had to do 3 years’ worth of tax returns this week. I didn’t think I needed to do them as my income is so minimal but seems I do and luckily I haven’t been fined. Turns out the government owes me £6 at the end of it all for some tax I paid on interest 3 years ago. It’s all done online though with what feels like a thousand questions so not too difficult. Luckily I have been keeping my figures since the start in a spreadsheet.

One of the YouTubers I love watching, Tales from Cuckoo Land, mentioned a comment I’d made the other day and said she calls me Fluffalump…now I’m wishing I’d named my wee felt making business Fluffalump 😀

I watched some “Bob and Brad” videos on YouTube to sort my Achilles pain. They are the most famous physiotherapists on the internet (in their opinion). They cured my shoulder problems years ago and I should have thought to see what they said about heels. If you have any aches and pains I definitely recommended them.

I have concern my potato plants have been too badly frost damaged this week to survive but I’ll leave them and see if new growth comes through. Its been soooooo cold I’m still in all my knitwear.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. I would be happy to send you some of our heat we already have. Our long sleeve shirts and long pants are all put away for another 6-7 months. Remaking a ‘botched’ project always make you feel good. Your project bag looks just dandy. I really like the color of the spinning you did. Sorry to hear it is not plyed to you liking. Since I do not spin, I assume you can not redo it?

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  2. Love your purple (duh) project bag. (Sorry, don’t know if “duh” is an American slang thing). Such a fun fabric for your projects. Fluffalump is pretty darn cute. Glad taxes worked out okay. My hubby does ours with an online program. Ours is such a mess that if he can’t do them, I’ll be taking the paperwork to an accountant with my fingers crossed. Our weather has been so up and down that I refuse to start gardening. We are back to freezing weather this week.

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  3. Maybe you need to get your sewing machine serviced? I have Disney…I didn’t realize it as I bought it for the grands but I get to watch it too! I tried to find The Patient and the other one you mentioned but nada….are they on Hulu? I don’t have that package.
    The yarn looks pretty regardless! I hope you potatoes survive!


    • I just googled it and seems that The Patient was on Hulu in the US. We don’t have Hulu in the UK so their shows are usually bought by other streaming services to air them here. Finding Michael says it was available on Disney+ in US from 3rd March onwards so you should find it.


  4. I really enjoy reading your updates every time you put one out to let us know what you’ve been spinning, weaving and creating. I’ve been too exhausted to get at the pounds of beautiful wool I have sitting in my art room so it’s nice to see what you’re accomplishing. Of course, just seeing the beautiful colors that you work with and the yarn that you ply makes for a satisfying day for an otherwise lazy artist.

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    • That’s kind of you to say. The Shetland was spun over a number of weeks, 15 mins a few times a week can add up. I do feel better if I’m productive, helps keep my mind from overthinking. I hope you find some energy to try a little a few days a week or daily.


  5. Love the color of your yarn, so pretty. I’ve been spinning since 2004 and I’m still practicing :P. Fortunately practicing is fun ;). Look forward to seeing your socks :).

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