YOP12 Week 43/52 – too much TV and not enough crafting



I did some shawl surgery earlier in the week on my Adventuresome Wrap that wasn’t being worn. If you missed my post about it here is the link.


I have turned the heel on my socks and just started on the gusset decreases.


I added some more rows to my Habitation throw and as it’s a while since it’s been shown I thought I’d share a photo of it.


At spin group on Tuesday I spun the rest of my own hand-dyed green Shetland fibre but it still needs plying.

Other News

Where did this week go? I did a lot of tidying, cleaning and sorting on Thursday but the rest of the week I’m not sure where it went! My vertigo has gone and been replaced with a sore left Achilles tendon and a buzzing in my right ear…honestly does a time bomb go off once you hit 50 and things just start falling apart??? 😂

Ah well mustn’t grumble as it could be worse.

We have temporarily got Disney+ from a free offer and have been binge watching The Patient…ooh it’s creepy but good. I also watched Finding Michael documentary…ooof get your tissues ready, it’s about a family whose eldest son died on Everest after he’d been the youngest ever person to summit it. I also watched the Jeremy Renner interview about his snow plough running him over…it’s a miracle he’s alive.

Okay so now we know where my week went…getting square eyes staring at the TV! Oops!

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. Thanks for showing your habitation throw again. I had forgotten what it looked like. Really like all the colors being thrown in it. It will brighten up anywhere it is laid. I think you did quite a bit of crafting this week. Do you craft while watching TV?

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  2. Fantastic shawl surgery. It looks great so I’m glad you will be able to use it now that it’s a better length. What pretty blue socks. And yes, apparently the body warrantee expires at 50 or definitely by 60. I will never again have a quiet night as ringing in my ears is my new normal. 😦


  3. Loving all of those beautiful teal green-blues in your projects right now. I’m so glad you did that shawl surgery – looks like a much more wearable piece now. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of CSI re-runs, so I completely understand where you are.


  4. Love the color of your socks, and your spin looks so good! While you have Disney+ if you like Star Wars, check out The Mandalorian, it’s pretty darn awesome. But after the 2nd season, watch Boba Fett because starting on episode 5 of that series (they call them chapters) some more Mandalorian is in there and it’s important stuff, or you will be lost when you start the 3rd season.


    • Hi, I’m afraid I’m not a Star Wars fan/watcher…or anything sci-fi or fantasy really. I’ve seen the original Star Wars and one with Daisy Ridley?? in as a deal with my friend so she’d come to see Despicable Me 3 with me. I’ve not seen the Harry Potter movies except the first. Or Game of Thrones, we watched the first episode and that was enough. I’m more of a crime drama, sitcom or non-crime documentary watcher. Hopefully others reading your comment may be able to take the recommendation though. I’ve seen the Avengers movies that have Paul Rudd or RDJ in but that’s because I love them…not a fan of the movies really. I do like two sci-fi movies actually…The Fifth Element and Blade Runner….suspect Bruce Willis and Rutger Hauer have a lot to do with me liking those. 😂


      • Yeah huge Bruce Willis fan here ;). I tryed to watch Game of Thrones barely got through the 1st episode, but oh my it was too much for me! I like sci fi but that one was scary as heck and I don’t do scary movies, at least not if I want to sleep well :P. I’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies (several times :P) and they get a little darker with each movie, but good wins out over evil :). I liked the original Star Wars trilogy movies (which are not the middle 3 movies) much better than the last 6 made, which were ok but not as wonderful as the original first 3, maybe that’s why I like The Mandalorian so much.

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  5. Your habitation throw is really awesome…did you use mini-skeins of sock yarn or leftovers? do you stop at the end of a row or just go until the yarn runs out? I started it awhile ago but it’s buried somewhere…lol!
    Those socks are great…I love the yarn and notice you are veering away from purple and heading into blues! Your spun yarn is also lovely.
    I get Disney for the grands but it sounds like I should get it for myself!
    Yes, 50 is a brick wall and then you’re okay until you hit it again at 70! LOL!

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    • I’ve been using bits of tiny leftovers from when I’ve made 2 pairs of socks with a skein or leftovers from my adventuresome wrap. I finish when the yarn runs out even if it’s mid row and just start a new one. Now I’ve unpicked some sections of my wrap I’ll have 10g mini skeins going in but I really am doing this on a use all the scrap yarn up basis.


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