YOP12 Week 24 & 25/52 – FO socks and new Dorset buttons

We were away on the West coast of Scotland this last week, so here’s what I got up to the last couple of weeks. On my travel blog I will post about our trip at some point.


I felted the 4 x 25cm seascape lampshades and got those dropped off at the Alchemist Gallery before we went away.



I finished my husband’s socks. These roughly followed “How I knit my socks” pattern by Susan B Anderson but with a K3/P1 to make them tighter. The yarn was a Regia Pairfect skein designed by Arne & Carlos. I pulled the yarn from the wrong end and that’s why there is sooo much green on the leg bit. They are a bit loose where his smaller toes are and if I knit him more socks I may do more decreases on one side of each sock to fit better. I used pretty much a whole skein, which would have made 2 pairs of socks for my tiny feet.


I finished the front of Dolores’ jumper. For the back I got lazy and decided to do moss stitch…but soon tired of that and got even lazier and did garter stitch. I reduced the stitch count by 10% as there is no cables to pull it in. Its come out the right size and her cable front will hopefully block to the same size. It’s her back…no-one will see it. I’ve made a start on her sleeves and I’m doing those as per pattern. Dolores and her transatlantic travel ensemble are going to be my primary focus this week.


I came across my bits for making Dorset Buttons before we went away and had a play making some to decorate the Christmas tree. They aren’t great (too many or too big beads chosen) but made a nice change from sock knitting.

Other News

As mentioned we were away on the west coast, staying in Pier Cottage on the Kingairloch Estate. We saw lots of deer, an otter, some wild goats, lots of birds and a pine marten ate some bread with peanut butter on but it was too dark to see it. It was very peaceful and we only ventured out in the car one of the days. The other days we walked the estate roads. Even though it was minus temperatures most days the sun made it warm enough to sit outside and have a drink after our walks. By the end of the week it was snowy on the hills and sleat on the roads.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. Those Dorset buttons are sweet. I do not think you have too many or too big of beads on any of them. What a great addition to the tree. Those socks look quite cozy and I am sure your husband loves them. You always have such gorgeous photos of your trips. Is the whole country of Scotland this lovely? Someday, I will make it over there to see for myself. (I hope)

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  2. Love the Arne and Carlos sock yarn. I think your Dorset buttons look great. What beautiful ornaments. Had to laugh. Minus temps but with sunshine can sit outside and enjoy a drink. Uh… no. Maybe a hot drink with a huge bonfire but then I’m not a hardly Englander. I’m always impressed with your felted lampshades. Glad you had a great trip to Scotland. I’ve been to Ireland, Wales, and London. Still need to visit Scotland.

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  3. The socks look great – I don’t think I have ever used a whole skein of yarn on one pair of socks – well done! And I think the buttons look perfect – I would say many large beads are just the job for tree decs!


  4. Great socks – I’m sure they will get a lot of wear! What a fun use for Dorset buttons too. I opened the link to where you stayed and then handed my phone over to my husband who immediately said “I’d stay there” and then he saw they do fishing outings so that pretty much sealed the deal for him ;). I appreciate you testing lots of beautiful spots for us long-distance. 😀

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