Homemade Christmas Decorations

In previous years we have had either a real tree or used a large plastic tree.  Our decorations usually are a collection of souvenir ornaments that I have collected from different countries and some gifted ones.

This year I’ve switched it up a bit and we are using a small fibre optic tree that my mother in law gave us, when she changed her tree.  All the decorations on it this year were made by me!

I thought I’d share them here.  If you have other suggestions for homemade Christmas decorations I’d love to read them in the comments.

Dorset buttons

These are very addictive to make and are a great way to use up yarn scraps.  I originally made 4 on a course last year with a kit, then I ordered some tiny hoops and some larger ones.  Some of these I made today!  There may be others on the tree I missed!

Knitted ornaments

I should make some more of these wee jumpers, they are so cute. The hats used up some handspun yarn…the jumpers some sock yarn.

I also have my Smitten advent garland which is holding my advent chocolate. Each mitten can fit 3 Quality Street, Mini Heroes or Cadbury Roses. Obviously most mittens are now empty. They are all my handspun yarn, even the icord they hang from.

Looks like a smiley face lol

Fibre ornaments

The Christmas pudding I made with a pom pom maker and some undyed sheep fibre, then felted the holly leaves and berries. The other pompom bauble is rainbow merino blend.

I’ve talked fairly recently about my fibre filled ornaments which have used sari silk waste, sari loom waste and yarn scraps with their ply divided.

BFL/Seacell fibre I dyed, and attached to a wreath with some corriedale roving wrapped around it and a few bows!

Needle felted ornaments

It’s a few years since I made the elf…he was too mischievous to risk selling. The lady santa was an experiment.

Obviously I could put some of my wee tomte or felted baubles on the tree, but they are in the shop for sale. The 2 baubles I can’t sell (broken needle tip in them) are decorating my desk upstairs.

I’ve shown some of these photos before but in case someone new stumbles across the post I thought I should show them in one place.


  1. I’ve made “Dorset” buttons before, for a silk blouse I made, but I didn’t know they were called that! They look great, made with all that glitz, as decorations. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I love all of these but those wee little felted ones are my favorites. I have a couple ones someone gave me that are tiny woven baskets with “balls of yarn” made of tiny felt and a pair of knitting needles stuck in them that I love. Thanks for sharing!

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