YOP12 Week 32/52 – 3rd Turtle Dove FO

Acquisitions/Stash Management

I ordered some 25g tops samples of some breeds I’m missing. I accidentally ordered tops for a couple of breeds I have washed fleece for, but this will actually be interesting to see the difference/my preference.



I have caked up some yarn and made some tweaks to the Hastings Mittens chart so I’ll be casting these on next week.


I finished my 3rd Turtle Dove on Wednesday. The pattern is by Espace Tricot and is free on Ravelry.

This one is in the same yarn as my others, West Yorkshire Spinners Re:Treat yarn. It is a chunky roving 100% Bluefaced Kerry Hill. The colour is called “Bliss”. 140m/153yds per 100g. I used just under 5 skeins and made the size Small which gives a chest circumference of 50.75″.

Its designed to have a LOT of positive ease. But that’s why I love these jumpers, they are so easy to throw on and warm. My first one can now be relegated to gardening in. Its 2 years old and has been worn a lot.

The pattern says to do a split hem of twisted rib which I did on this one and the 1st I made. The 2nd one I made I didn’t bother splitting the hem.

I have plans for my next jumper, but I need to do some swatching to see if my yarn is going to work with it. Its colourwork and a new to me designer…more on that next week!


My Easy Goes It DK has had a yarn over section added. This is in my 4th handspun baby camel and silk.


I spun 25g of Corriedale top on my EEW Nano, as part of my breed study. This is the only breed from my study that I didn’t spin on my Ashford Traditional wheel, well so far.

The Corriedale is a lovely and soft yarn, I’m surprised how bouncy it is.

Other News

I don’t know where my brain was this week, on Tuesday I thought it was Thursday and had my dinner alone at 4pm and then my husband came home a couple of hours later and asked what’s for dinner oops (and on Wednesday I thought it was Friday a couple of times).

I had my ultrasound scans on Monday and no gallstones which is great news. I had my annual liver enzyme blood test on Wednesday and she couldn’t get any blood out of me, despite me drinking lots of fluids and standing in the nurse’s room in a warm coat swinging my arms around to help get some blood flowing! So I have to go back on Monday and drink even more fluids during the day. Anyone else have rubbish veins that like to hide from needles? 🙄

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. That jumper looks fabulous on you. It is a great color for you too! The corriedale looks quite plump and bouncy. Your shawl is growing quickly too. Hopefully your veins will cooperate this coming week.

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  2. Your sweater came out wonderfully! The color is great on you and it looks so comfy. I’m glad you enjoyed the corriedale – one of my personal favorites. Looking forward to seeing more progress on your pretty shawl. Owning my agree on the whole IV/needle stick thing. I am theoretically switching to a regular “shot” for my autoimmune meds next month but for the last 15 years, I’ve had to have an IV put in every 8 weeks and blood work and I have literally one access point that works but after 15 years it’s so scarred that it’s a fishing expedition a lot of the time. Only one nurse on the unit normally gets it so the days she’s not there when I have to go in are awful and they always wonder why my blood pressure is so high!

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    • Sounds horrendous. I used to get tested monthly and would take my heat pads and drink loads and still after them trying both hands, arms they’d struggle and for a while only the vein at the base of my thumb on the wrist would work but it’s very painful there. Now it’s only annual and of course I forgot my heat pads. I’ll take them tomorrow.


  3. Your bright pink jumper looks terrific on you. I do like split hems on longer jumpers. The yarnover section of your shawl reminds me of a tee I have, Eyelet to Eyelet. I love that pattern and have a second in my queue. Sorry to hear how much trouble you are having drawing blood. I seem to do ok for blood draws but I’m unable to donate blood. I pump too slowly and can never get a pint out in the 20 minutes they alot. Plus then I have a nasty habit of getting light headed. They don’t like that. 🙂

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  4. That is a great sweater design. I love the split hem and that color is so becoming on you . Sorry about your veins….do you have low blood pressure? I was a phlebotomist many moons ago. The worst were the drub addicts as they had used all the good veins. I h ope everything turns out okay.

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