YOP12 Week 33/52 – Colour work mittens


I made four fairies on Saturday and dropped them off at the Alchemist Gallery, Dingwall. I should have been more organised ahead of Valentine’s Day, but if anyone has left buying a gift to the day before or day of then they’ll be able to get one as they are Valentine-ish coloured ones.

I will make some other coloured ones this week as I’ve made quite a lot of “naked” fairy bodies ready to “dress”.



Well it’s mostly been about my mittens this week. I cast them on last Sunday afternoon. They are based on the Hastings Mittens pattern but I tweaked some of the chart so they aren’t exactly the same as my purple and pink pair I made.


I can’t actually remember if I knit anything on my shawl, so I’ve now placed a progress keeper on so I know for next week!

Other News

I’m not sure where the rest of my week went other than doing some more decluttering and cleaning. I have made a start on removing the vinyl floor tiles in the en-suite but it is backbreaking and hard on the knees so I’m just doing a few a day.

I finally posted on my travel blog about our trip to Kingairloch last December. It had completely slipped my mind. I hope you’ll take a look even if it’s to just see the photos.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. Super cute fairies – I am 100% sure there is someone (I know one in my house) who has not thought about Valentine’s Day at all so these look perfectly in time to me. Good luck with the demo/renovations. They are never fun until they are over.


  2. HaHa, wait till the last minute…. never. (cough, cough). Have you ever thought about making a seasonal set of fairies? I love seasonal decorations just because I need my surroundings to change a bit. So I have monthly kitchen towels and table placemats. Also the towels and soap holder in the guest bathroom. Is St Patrick’s Day a “thing” where you live? It’s a big deal here in the States. Green fairies would fly off the shelves.

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    • St Patrick’s Day isn’t a thing here in the UK and to be honest even in Ireland they don’t celebrate it as much as Americans do. I was in Chicago one St Patrick’s day and it was crazy. The UK patron saints also aren’t really celebrated big, I have made Halloween theme fairies and that’s becoming more popular to celebrate because of all the US TV that kids now watch. Other than eating chocolate Easter eggs even Easter isn’t that big here. Americans definitely love themes more than we seem to but I’m sure that will change the more influence spreads from social media and TV.

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  3. I can speak from experience, ripping up tiles is difficult AND very satisfying once complete.

    I love the modified mitts! They look warm. I’m somewhat jealous that you are having cold weather. We had a couple cold days, and now is back to too mild.

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  4. What cute fairies and a great Valentine’s Day gift. Yes, here in the U.S. we use any excuse to celebrate! LOL! I love your mittens. I need to go look up that pattern. I too and de-cluttering and cleaning and I should rip up my floor as it is coming up by itself. Good for you…baby steps and it will get done eventually…that my way of thinking anyway.


  5. Such pretty fairies! Good luck with the tile. I have a tile floor in our upstairs bath that will need to be ripped up eventually but I’m pretty sure I’m going to pay someone to do it – I’m too lazy these days!

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