Decluttering update

Two years ago I did a lot of posts about my decluttering.  Well this week I did a new round of decluttering.  I tried on everything in wardrobes, drawers, suitcases! (summer clothes).  I actually managed to fill that large suitcase with donations for charity, a huge box full of coats, a suit carrying case with 4 piece suit that will never fit again.  I also have a bag of textile recycling for items with holes in or stains on. 

I watched the Marie Kondo shows on Netflix.  I then watched a few of the Get Organised with The Home Edit but oh my goodness the women on that show scream with excitement too much for it to be comfortable for me to watch.  I also regularly watch a couple of UK clearing clutter shows and some YouTubers and I dream of the day we are clutter free.  There’s more to do in the house and then there’s more in the garage and loft but getting to things I ignored in my huge 2021 declutter feels good.

I have kept items that either sparked joy (e.g. t-shirts bought on holidays), items that fit comfortably and items that are a little snug but can be worn.  Anything that couldn’t be zipped up etc has gone.  This included many items that I haven’t worn in about 8 years. 

Weirdly some of the items I have kept and still fit were some  oversized t-shirts (well oversized at time of buying now fit normally).  They are from:

  • Verbier, Switzerland 1999
  • Winnie the Pooh, Disneyland Paris 2001
  • Cape Cod, USA 2001
  • Serendipity 3, New York 2008
  • Evil Minion, Disneyland, Singapore 2015
  • Australia, 2015

I’ve kept part of a t-shirt I bought in Maui, Hawaii 2013 , it was stained and had a hole in but I’ve kept a bit to remind me of a fabulous trip.  The best moment of my life was when a turtle popped up right next to me and looked straight at me. 

I must admit I’ve also kept a Northern Exposure t-shirt that has a hole in and is extremely snug so I won’t wear it again but I bought it in 1992 at Universal Studios, California and its my favourite t-shirt. 

Did you watch Northern Exposure?  I loved that series and still kick myself that we didn’t go to Roslyn, Washington to see where it was filmed when we toured the Pacific Northwest in 2014. 

Have you kept an item of clothing for sentimental reasons rather than to wear again?


  1. I have two t-shirts I refuse to get rid of even though I am unable to fit into them. One is from our son’s Navy career and the other has all the names of the baseball players from the first-year we had a team here in our town. I love to declutter. It always makes my home feel lighter as things go put the door. Trying all those clothes on must have worn you out.

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  2. I really need to do this. If I don’t lose all the weight I put on in lockdown this year I’ll admit defeat and tackle all of the things I no longer fit into comfortably (if at all). I love the Northern Exposure T-shirt. By strange coincidence we’ve just started rewatching the first series; it holds up really well even after all this time.

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    • I have the box set on DVD so do plan to rewatch. When I did the big declutter in 2021 I thought I would get back down in size during that year, but I haven’t and rather than the clothes being the incentive to lose weight, they were making me feel guilty about my weight which leads to me comfort eating. I feel better they are gone.


  3. I used to save tshirts thinking I would make a tshirt quilt. I ended up donating them all. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll bet it feels nice to have let go if items no longer needed!


  4. You are doing great with your decluttering! It’s really impressive 🙂 I did watch Northern Exposure and liked it. I do also keep clothing for emotional reasons sometimes, though I am trying to cut that out, as we really need the space instead!

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