YOP12 Week 34/52 – crafting and decluttering



My mittens are progressing.  I am a little concerned I may have made a couple of rows too tight but seems my left and right hands are different sizes, so I think I’ll get away with it if I wear each of them on a particular hand!


I spun a sample of Suffolk top fibre, on my Ashford Traditional as part of my breed study.  I’m pleasantly surprised by this fibre, as it’s not one I see being sold as a dyed yarn.  It is slightly toothy but fairly soft and has a slight sheen to it.

Later in the week I spun a sample of Southdown top fibre, on my EEW Nano 2.  This was lovely to spin and has produced a nice soft, light and fluffy yarn.  This will definitely be in my top 10 breeds and I think it would be nice to get 100g to spin at some point to make a fluffy accessory.  I plied it on my Ashford Traditional, you can squeeze more on those bobbins so it works out well as the Nano bobbins are much smaller. 


Inkle loom

I decided to do a bit more Monk’s Belt weaving on my Inkle Loom…my goodness it is so slow going.  Why did I pick the hardest thing out of the Inkle Loom Pattern Directory??   I like the look of it and I will keep progressing with the different examples in the book, but doing 20 rows takes between 60-90 mins!  I managed to watch the whole first series of The Recruit on Netflix whilst doing these sections!

Other News

Okay so this section was so long I’ve moved it to it’s own post published last night. It was time to do more decluttering! So click here to see my progress and some chat about sentimental t-shirts.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. The Southdown does look fluffy compared to the Suffolk fiber. Your Monks belt is going to be gorgeous when done. It will be one of those items you never declutter out of your closet LOL.

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  2. Love your hand spun as usual…those look very soft! The mittens are lovely…I have got to learn color work, although I say that all the time! LOL! Your weaving is gorgeous. I too tend to always pick the hardest regardless of what it is. The saying “work smarter, not harder” has never sunk in with me evidently. I’m right there with you on de-cluttering….if I get disheartened I just watch a podcast of hoarders or decluttering and that spurs me on! Have a great week!


  3. You ae working on such pretty projects! Love your inkle loom weaving and mittens! And it’s always interesting to hear about your spinning and all the different breed wools you are working with 🙂


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