A Friday decluttering update

My husband gets a special mention this week for agreeing to declutter some of his things. A box of shirts that haven’t been worn since early 2020, plus a carryall of some items that were a little snug were donated and another bag dropped off for textile recycling. He finds it difficult to get rid of anything “just in case” it’s needed, so it’s great he has let some things go. Hopefully once he has recovered (from the stress of saying “goodbye” to things) we can get more gone.

For the last few years I’ve had all my CDs in a small carry case, all the plastic boxes for them were in another larger plastic box. I pulled out the back sheet with the title names and slotted them with their CD and then got rid of all the plastic boxes. I will see if anyone wants them free on Facebook marketplace but there’s no recycling of them up here so worst case they’ll be binned. We don’t have a CD player set up in the house, so I just rotate them occasionally in my car so no need to have them all in boxes and they won’t be sold. My taste is unchanged really.

I also found a bunch of velvet material I don’t recall where it came from or how it came into my possession, so I’m donating along with left over fabric from the curtains I made for my first house in the 1990s!!!! Honestly, I don’t know how these things got through on previous rounds of decluttering. I’m sure someone in my town would love to make something with the fabric instead, rather than it hide away in a box, behind another box, on a bookshelf, in a wardrobe! Ridiculous!!

I’ve found a scarf I made for my dad ages ago, that I thought I’d given him so that’s going in the post and I’ve gifted another felted scarf to my good friend (and European city break pal) Helen.

My craft-room TV was falling apart so it’s gone to be recycled and another TV (that we had in the spare room in front of another TV – ridiculous I know) has now replaced it and I’ve noticed it has a PC connection so it’s much more multi purpose.

I’ll leave it here as I need to get these items in the photo taken to the waste/recycling centre and the charity shop!


  1. Your comments about something making it through a previous round of decluttering really struck a chord with me. I was up in the loft a few weeks ago and although I remember putting lots of very important and precious things up there when I moved in, after ten years of not thinking about it it had somehow turned into complete junk. I don’t understand what on earth I was thinking keeping this stuff! Good luck with your progress.

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    • Thanks so much. When I first moved to the Highlands I was paying to have stuff in storage and when I got it out I could not believe I’d been paying £50 a month to store such a load of tat! Ridiculous isn’t it the things we think we need to keep. The only thing I wish I’d not thrown out in my decluttering over the last few years is my first pair of ballet point shoes 🩰 ah well.


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