Some Blog Changes

I hear that WordPress have some changes planned for their charging of websites and my current website was almost at its limit on storage…so I’ve made some changes.

I’m still working on checking and updating things but in the main what I have done is transfer all Gardening posts to a separate Garden blog and I’ve transferred all Travel posts to another separate Travel blog! Currently there are no new posts on there and I’ll flag on here if I add anything to those other blogs, so don’t feel you need to follow them…unless you are only interested in those subjects and not craft related posts.

This alleviates my initial problem with storage space and my website is now mostly fibre craft business related and year of projects posts, with a few historical exceptions that didn’t fit under Gardening or Travel.

I will continue to refine those other blogs and double check that I haven’t deleted too many or not enough photos from this one.

What I have learned from this process is that you CANNOT rely on selecting in WordPress editor “Unattached” photos, which made it sound like they weren’t attached to any blogs. I deleted them all and then have found numerous places where that’s then deleted them from either Pages or Posts. So if you also run out of space then do take care.


  1. Thanks for your advice. I am keeping an eye on my available space and so far I’m okay. I’ll look forward to seeing how well your changes work for you.


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