YOP11 Week 41/52 – back felting and spinning!


My new project bag and interchangeable needle holder arrived, from Rachel Green Crafts (on Etsy), with a little free gift of a notions pouch with some different types of stitch marker including a cute little sheep. Really well made and cute fabrics, so I’d buy again and recommend.


I had this post ready to schedule for publishing and then realised I’d forgotten I’d done some felting this week!

I know it shocked me too! I’ve done 2 landscape lightshade pieces but, as I’m saving photo space, I’ll show them next week when I’ve needlefelted some sheep and constructed them. I’ll do some seascape ones this week. The shop sold my last 3 remaining ones in March so I need to get back to making them regularly for the tourist season.

Fibre Prep

On Saturday I went to my first ‘in person’ Guild meeting for over 2 years. I had offered to demonstrate a blending board so showed how you can make rolags or a batt on the board. I was pretty shattered by 1pm so left early, but I’m glad I went. Here’s the batt and rolags I demonstrated . The rest of the time I was making rolags for a spinning project I started years ago! I’ll talk about that another time when I am back spinning it!


I’m so obsessed with knitting the Nightshift shawl. I’m still making mistakes and still not caring, I really love how it looks and the process of knitting it. So many different bits of my handspun are getting used up, I really am loving the project and will be sad when it’s finished. My progress keeper shows where I was last Sunday!

I also have done a tiny bit of knitting on my Ship Shape jumper. My gauge is off but I think I will be able to knit the size up without any issues as there’s only 2 stitches difference in the sizes at this stage. Of course I may not have enough yarn, but this is a summer top so could have shorter sleeves if I run out.


I finally did some spinning! It’s a Suri alpaca / superfine merino blend top that I hand dyed earlier this YOP year.

Other News

I’ve moved my gardening posts to a separate blog and my travel posts to another one. This is mostly down to me running out of space on this site and I wanted to keep it as crafting. If I do any posts on the other sites then I will provide links to them in this section of Sunday’s YOP posts and then if you are interested you can follow the links.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. I love that Ship Shape jumper. I have the yarn already. Just need to find the time to knit it. May’s project – timeline all the yarn I already own. It will be sad to know I shouldn’t buy yarn till 2030. Will that stop me from buying an advent calendar this year?? (no way). It is good I’ll be out of town for this year’s wool festival. I do follow Rachel Green on Etsy and saw she had a shop update.

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  2. Yay for spinning! I love those rolags and batt, it reminds me I do need to get on with using my blending board. Do you have a preference in terms of rolags or batts? I guess a batt is easier to get off the board but I don’t have much experience of spinning from batts so I tend to use the board for rolags.

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  3. You always have such great items to see. The etsy purchase is so cool. You will really get a lot of use from all of it. Your rolags look so pretty. Like clouds of soft cotton. The color is gorgeous….and not purple! LOL I like your shawl and the way the colors are working together. How nice to be able to use up so many scraps. I had no idea wordpress had a storage limit on it. I hope blogspot doesn’t. I have been blogging for 15 years and never heard of this before. Have a great week.

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  4. Loving your spinning. Such a great idea to use handspun for Nighshift. It really is a great pattern to use up special yarns (which handspun always is). Glad to hear you’ve been out and about but definitely take care of yourself!

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