Midtown Magic FO



Midtown Magic by Baah Yarn


Cookston Crafts – Alpaca Merino Nylon 4 ply in Crathie colour. (60% merino, 20% superfine alpaca and 20% nylon)

Cookston Crafts – Merino Silk Yak 4 ply in Emerald colour. (60% merino, 20% silk, 20% yak)


Pattern: Free on Ravelry

Yarn: These were bought in 2019 and back then the Crathie one cost £18, but I have more than half a skein left of that. The Emerald one cost £20 and has been pretty much been used up. I have 1g left!

Total (excluding labour): ~£28


Started – 23rd February 2022

Finished – 29th March 2022

Link to Ravelry Page

Pattern summary

The pattern is easy to memorise but gets a little boring. I did make some adjustments by adding some additional rows of the paler yarn eyelet rows. It is an easy project to watch in front of the TV. I ran out of the darker yarn as it was only a 366 metre skein and not 400 metres. In hindsight I may have been better doing the colours in reverse so that I could have continued until the full size in the pattern, as the lighter skein was longer. Anyway it seems big enough as it is and I didn’t stretch and pin it when blocking.

Yarn Summary

These are both soft yarns, the silk has a nice lustre and the alpaca gives a slight halo so it is a nice combination of smooth and fluffy. I am a big fan of Cookston Crafts yarns and have a lot of projects in her yarn and more of her yarn in my stash! I think with the yak and alpaca in the project it should be quite warm even though it is very light.

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