Wood Turning – Fruit Bowl

Well it’s been on my YOP list the last few years to do another wood turning half day course and today it finally happened!

Last time (June 2019) I made a yarn bowl. This time I’ve made a fruit bowl. This was a bigger piece and a little trickier so he did guide my hand quite a bit this time. But I’m thrilled with the results.

When you put my yarn bowl next to it you can see its quite a bit bigger.

This super cool wee black stripe is made by putting a tiny carved slit in the wood, then you get a bit of some sort of wire, with toggles on either end, that you hold in the slit as the wood is turning and it burns the wood! How cool is that?!

The wood is birch and this new bowl was oiled with food safe oil. The yarn bowl has a synthetic varnish. He recommends I get some walnut oil for giving it another coating. Our supermarket didn’t have any so will need to pick some up in Inverness.

The course was taught by Andy from Black Isle Woodturning. He is less than 10 miles from me and I said I’ll be back when I have another idea of something to make and some birthday or Christmas money to spend.


  1. Oh, these are so beautiful, Liz. Both bowls. How much pleasure it must give you to have made them yourself. Do you know what the wood is you used? It kind of reminds me of my cherry cabinets. There’s so much variation in the color.

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