Wood turning

For my birthday this year, at my request, my husband paid for me to do a half day wood turning course at Black Isle Woodturning, not too far from where we live.

I was hoping I’d be able to make a yarn bowl, but it was only a half day course and so I wasn’t sure if we’d have time to do the cut in bit, or it would just be a regular bowl.

I had such a lovely morning and found wood turning to be soooooo satisfying. From using the tools to carve away the wood to using the sand paper to smooth the edges and then varnishing it. The wood we used was Birch wood.

My instructor said I was a fast learning and I was doing really well, so we’d be on track for time to do the cut in section for the yarn. He did the drilling and used the saw to cut the curl, but then I used some mini carving tools and sand paper to curve it and smooth the edges.

I can’t remember another birthday present I have enjoyed as much as my wood turning course. I suspect I’ll be asking for another one next year. I said to Andy, my instructor, that the last thing I needed was another hobby that needed lots of gear, as my knitting, spinning, weaving and felting stuff is already filling the house…if I took over the garage with turning tools that would be a step too far. But I did enjoy it so much. Great fun and really happy with my finished yarn bowl.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful. To Make something so wonderful with your own hands is so satisfying. Do they allow you to rent their equipment by the hour? Maybe you could do that once in a while for relaxation. My yarn shop rents their looms like that.

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  2. I really can’t imagine a better birthday present for you Liz and I’m laughing at how you can’t have another hobby that requires more equipment and space, it seems you’re thinking of ways around that and I don’t blame you looking at that wonderful bowl that you made! It’s just gorgeous and to have made it with your own hands must have been so satisfying! Well done and I look forward to seeing more exciting ventures into wood turning.

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  3. What a gorgeous bowl, Liz! And what a great birthday gift. You’ve got my wheels turning for future birthday gifts (for myself and others in my family). I look forward to seeing any future wood items you make! What a great new hobby. 🙂

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  4. Vary nice! I am just starting to learn wood turning. I was gifted a delta lathe and a set of tools by a retiring woodworker. I am so excited to get started. Just ordered a scroll chuck for turning bowls and seeing your work has me even more excited! Thanks for shareing!

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