YOP8 – Week 49/52

I don’t have too much to report this week!   I have mostly been working on Quick Sand and it is nearly finished, so I will have a separate post about it later in the week.  

I warped my loom with the complementary grey BFL set of minis from Ripples Crafts.  I started weaving loosely so that the warp could be clearly seen, but I didn’t like the fabric it was producing so I unwove it!  I then started again with a tighter weave and I still wasn’t sure, but I have left the end as it was and have now started to weave double weft layers, by catching one thread around the other.  I like this effect much better, so will stick with it and then will do the same stripes I had at the start at the opposite end.

(For any weavers interested in this double effect, you basically have one thread wrapped around your shuttle and push that through from right to left, loop it around the end of a ball of a contrasting colour and then thread the shuttle back from left to right with the caught thread.  Then push the fibres in line and switch heddle position and repeat. I like this chunkier look, and the random patterns you can produce depending how far you pull the lefthand thread through.)  


I had a play with my new Turkish spindle and the test fibre.  It is such a clever wee gadget.  You spin a single and wrap the yarn in a set way (over 2 and under 1 repeated).  You then slide out the smaller cross bar, then the larger one and that gives you your little turtleshell of yarn.  You then take the start and finish ends, reassemble the spindle and spin both ends to create a 2 ply yarn.


I’m not the greatest at explaining things but hopefully this makes a sense.

I have started pulling together picture collages ready for the end of YOP year 8 and have been tidying up my list with missed items and corrections and an icon key.  I’ve also been looking for my next project, given Quick Sand is close to being finished.  






  1. I confess, I was lost on the explanation, but I was so intrigued I went looking for a video demonstration. I now understand your explanation, and am in awe of what a neat tool that Turkish spindle is. Between you and Sandra (Sam) I’ve been inspired to get started on my wrap up post (and collages) a little earlier this year.


  2. Lovely weaving and thank you for “Pic-Collage” for collage making! I will be looking that up. I need to get out my hand spinning thing…I forget what you call it! LOL! That should be on my list this next YOP year. Thanks for the reminder! The yarn looks so pretty.


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