YOP8 – Week 48/52


I finished my first go at double weaving.

The yarn used was the Hayfield Spirit DK acrylic/wool in Melody colourway from my stash.  There are a few mistakes and a bit of a ridge down the centre line (where it was folded during the weaving process).  When measuring it against my previous weaving attempt this is much better; a looser weave which shows more of the warp colours (long vertical lines) and a neater edge.

I still have just over one skein left of this yarn, so I think I’m going to knit a quick and simple hat, to go with the single width scarf I previously wove (or is it weaved…I don’t know the lingo yet!)

This wider wrap is for keeping my shoulders warm whilst watching TV!


With my fingers mostly mended it was time to get back to doing some felting.  I’ve previously shown the beach seascape shade I made for our landing light (outside the bathroom) and the tidal wave shade I made for my desk on the landing.  This left one landing lampshade left to do, so keeping with the theme I made another beach seascape, but with the larger 25cm frame as it hangs above the stair case.  Again I’ve put the pebbles too low to be seen well from the side, but as the edge wraps around a little they can be seen from underneath better.

So that leaves the hall lamp, the study and the spare room to go.

At felting group on Saturday I was full of indecision about what to make…so many choices, so many things in my queue for next YOP year I’m impatient to start, plus a couple of items on this year’s list left.  I’d helped set up the room and then disappeared to the Highland Wool and Textiles to make purchases I didn’t need lol!  More on those later.  When I arrived back at the group I ate my lunch, had a cup of tea, chatted and finally tried to make another purse (not on either YOP list!) but it ended up too thick and too big for the clasp, so I turned it into a flapped pouch that I’ll sew a hook and eye on and I’m sure I’ll find something to keep in it!  It’s still wet, so will lighten when dry.



I have almost finished spinning the John Arbon Teal coloured Falkland Merino fibre.  I switched between short and long forward drafting, did a 2 ply with a loose-ish twist to make a nice soft yarn that should floof up a bit and make a nice soft mini hitchhiker type shawlette.


Basically none really!  Just a few rows on Void.  I really wanted to finish the weaving so concentrated on doing that in the evenings and getting back to my lampshades, spinning and stitch markers…

I did have a trip to Rosemarkie beach on Wednesday and brought home lots of sea glass and sea shells.  On Friday I made some more progress keepers out of some of the sea shells.  Hopefully this is enough to use when doing arm decreases on a jumper.



Stash Acquisitions

Back to the local wool fare, I nearly didn’t go, but I knew Coastal Colours were going to be there, and long term readers will have heard me previously gush about how much I loved spinning and cuddling their baby camel and tussah silk blend.  So I went to treat myself to another with some birthday money (ok so my birthday isn’t for 2 weeks but I’ll hopefully get some money from my dad and MIL).  I also bought one of their BFL/sea cell blends to spin some sock yarn and bought some 50% yak/50% silk yarn to make a small shawl for wearing with my chimney fire cardigan.

In the lampshade above you’ll see some of the sea and sky blends I usually buy from Fleece 4 Ewe.  I decided to get a couple of their grass blends to do some landscapes, as a change from always doing seascapes.

From Bowfiddle Yarns I bought some pretty stitch markers that had bigger loops than I’m able to make.

Finally from Bunloit Woolery I bought one of their handmade turkish spindles.  The cross bars are made from oak whisky casks.  They gave me some free wool to practice with.  So having gone there making a promise to myself not to buy any yarn except specifically to go with my Chimney Fire cardigan I did well.  I was soooooo close to buying another sock yarn from Ripples Crafts but resisted and of course now wish I’d bought it.  Hey ho!



  1. Oh my gosh – all your project look amazing! That woven cloth is just so beautiful, as are your felting projects and spinning! You are doing such lovely work – I’m amazed at all the different types of handwork you do, and so well! Also, good finds at the fair 🙂

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  2. Your weaving has really come on in leaps and bounds Liz and I love the finished scarf. The new lampshade is lovely and I love how it will fit with your theme and look forward to seeing some landscape scenes too now. Great progress on the spinning, that teal yarn is just gorgeous and will make a wonderful shawlette and I think you did great at the show!

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  3. That is a very nice wrap you’ve woven, Liz. I have to say… I don’t know that I want to go to the effort of learning how to weave at this point, but when I see that pretty shawl, I sure do wish I knew how. 🙂 You’ve got some beautiful fibers, yarns and new stitch markers. I will enjoy seeing all of them appear in your soon-to-be WIPs!

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    • It’s a lot quicker than knitting for a finished object and the fabric is much softer and has more drape. You could have a look to see where your nearest Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers is and see when they have an open day. That way you could have a go on someone’s loom to see if you like the feel of it. Most guilds have equipment you can hire as well, so you wouldn’t need to invest in lots of gear. And you can just use yarn from your stash. My next project is with a gradient set of yarn I bought specially, but I am considering using 2 complimentary sock yarns from my stash for the project after that. I’ve not learned patterns yet, but even straight weaving gives a pretty look I think.


  4. Your are so talented – your weaving is beautiful – as is your spinning, and, well, all your projects! Btw, did you ever get a reply from disney about your name and trademark infringement? I am so curious about that.

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    • Thanks for your nice comments. I did hear back from Disney and they said “…Regrettably, we do not offer our legal opinion as to whether or not someone is entitled to use any Disney properties in connection with a non-Disney related activity. We encourage you to consult a lawyer familiar with intellectual property rights (e.g. copyright, trademark) to determine whether your proposed use may run afoul of any laws.”

      So far I have never sold anything. On social media my logo is a baby elephant I photographed in Sri Lanka. I see a lot of craft makers making things which I doubt they’ve obtained copyright to produce, including Disney characters, mini felted Starbucks cups for using in newborn photography etc. I wouldn’t do this. I did some extensive reading and for example Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty are ancient tales, but Disney has copyright of their versions, so if you make things that look like the clothes, sets, the specific pumpkin carriage etc in the Disney movie then that’s a breach of their copyright. So Disney’s heffalump is lilac coloured, a wee tuft of fluff, a patch on his bottom etc,. So any logo like that would obviously be copying them. Disney have the copyright for Winnie the Pooh for 7 more years, which is 70 years after the authors death (copyright law). If I was ever to trade in the next 7 years then I would get legal advice first but there are some examples given of none Disney use of the word heffalump being used in books, in politics, in songs and here in Scotland it’s a word for a fat lazy person and in the Oxford Dictionary it’s a child’s term for an elephant.


  5. Love your woven scarf and the yarn you spun is so pretty. I adore your felted lampshades and lucky you to get all those goodies! Your progress keepers/stitch markers are so pretty and I use mine all the time.

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