YOP11 Week 32/52 – FO socks

I have been doing a little de-stashing. I had some left over Samoyed dog hair that a couple of Guild ladies would like to try spinning. Last year one of the Guild members gave me a lot of naturally dyed yarn mini balls of handspun and commercial yarn she’d dyed. It was a thank you for some eucalyptus leaves. It’s all quite fine thickness and not really something I’m likely to knit or weave with so I have suggested perhaps someone else in the Guild would be able to use them. So she’s going to collect these with the dog hair she’d like to try. I have some more yarns I’m probably unlikely to use and need to decide what to do with those. Or cast on some quick projects.

I also need to decide what to make with my own homespun.


My socks are finished.

Yarn is Two Sisters Yarn Co. in Gothic Rainbow. Stitch count, heel and toe were the small size of Rose City Roller socks, but they have a 1×1 rib cuff instead of rolled cuff and I put a purl row to split rainbow on the leg.

Rainbow Gothic colour

I only used 43g, so I will make a 2nd pair with the remaining yarn and try my 1st cut in afterthought heel! Maybe! It would mean the stripes would be more evenly spread and maximise yarn usage if I use a contrast for heel and toes. Hmm thing is I don’t think I have a contrast that will go. We shall see!

I don’t have a sock blocker big enough for my husband’s socks I finished last week. I thought I’d take a photo of his next to mine.

On Saturday evening I cast on Fisker Cowl, I’m using 200g of BFL super chunky (US bulky) that I hand dyed. It’s a fisherman’s rib pattern that I haven’t done before. It gives a squishy feel like brioche but is much easier. I keep getting fluff up my nose knitting it, wearing it will be interesting 😂

Other News

I finished watching season 1 of Blown Away on Netflix. This was recommended to me by another blogger and I loved seeing all the hand blown and sculpted glass the contestants made. I found myself not wanting to look away from the screen which probably contributed to a light week on the crafting front.

I did some more reorganisation of my craft room. I found new homes for the things that were in my rainbow drawers and moved the coloured merino from 3 of the separate containers into the rainbow drawers in colour order! Why hadn’t I done this originally? I’ve switched the rainbow around because I hate orange so that and yellow are at the bottom and the colours I love are at the top. I moved my units along and it slotted in under the eves which is ideal as that was wasted space.

I still have a separate container or the brown, grey and black merino, but I’m working on making a drawer free in the Kallax unit for that.

Ok onto a kitchen update if you are interested. The kitchen units were finished, the floor was laid and the worktop guy had scanned the kitchen with his clever laser.

Unfortunately, on Wednesday, when a skirting board was replaced a pin nail went through one of the heating pipes. No one realised until the evening when I noticed a pressure problem with the boiler. I refilled the system a couple of times and when the pressure went down again I realised there must be a leak and lifted the floor hatch to look in the scary space below the ground floor. I could see a puddle under a pipe so turned the heating off and messaged the plumber and joiner. So 8am on Thursday they both arrived to work together on fixing it. Luckily it didn’t soak into the new floor and had just created the puddle under the floating floor of the house.

The plumber said it was a good job we had a closed heating system which makes it quickly obvious there’s a leak. In old systems where a header tank in the loft (attic) feeds the pipes constantly it can be months or a year before you know you have a leak.

The joiner is covering the cost of the plumber and for the plasterer to come back and repair the wall and he even got us some flowers and chocolates as an apology. These things happen and he’d demonstrated how the insulation around the pipes had stopped their reader identifying there was a pipe there. They will glue not pin this section of skirting back on when the plasterer is finished. We know there’s electric wires and another vertical pipe further along. It’s all behind the fridge so it won’t be really seen anyway.

The worktop is being fitted on Friday, and hopefully the electrician will be back before then to do his bits, so we are getting close!

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Love your rainbow socks. Wow I can’t even imagine the size difference between you and your hubby based on feet!! The rainbow drawers look so great next to your new storage wall. That is definitely some chunky yarn but the color is just gorgeous. Thank goodness you found that leak!! So glad your contractor was very responsible.


  2. Your socks and fisherman’s rib project are both looking great! I love how you are organizing your craft room – it is so well put together 🙂 So glad your kitchen is coming together!


  3. Lovely socks – the colors in the stripes are fantastic. I loved seeing your reorganization of fiber-y things. Everything looks so neat and tidy! Hoping your kitchen project finishes up shortly and is just as wonderful! 🙂


  4. Yes, see, that’s why man socks are horrible to knit. I can get two pairs out of 100g of sock yarn if they aren’t super long on the leg. Those socks are really cosy looking. The storage system continues to fascinate. I’m glad your leak was a quick on to resolve and that everyone put it right pretty quickly. I live in a house where nothing is quite as it should be, so plumbers and electricians are always commenting on something not being in the right place/of the right kind/done by an idiot. Luckily none of it has been my DIY yet!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! Glad you found the leak when you did and more so that your workmen are responsible and responsive. Finding the issue and having it fixed so speedily must be a load off your plate!

    Lovely projects as usual, I love your shortie socks and the mods you made to the RCR pattern.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Never a dull moment with home renos, eh? I am glad the problem was an easy fix. I love that rainbow gothic colourway! I thought before reading your blog that my yop12 plans will be to knit with my homespun. It isn’t easy to find patterns for the amounts and varying thicknesses of my homespun, but it is all in the planning stages. Your organization of your crafting supplies is so inspiring. I love those rainbow drawers too.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great colors on the RCR socks. They are very pretty. I’ve just added that pattern to my list, I’ve seen it a few times this morning, it seems to be a favorite!

    I’m glad you found the pipe issue before it got too bad. Home improvements are always an adventure!


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