YOP11 Week 33/52 – an FO, fairy felting and fruit bowl

This is another hijacked YOP post, where there’s more “other news” than crafting news, but I do have a couple of FOs.


On Tuesday I got started on some fairies. I had 3 bodies from last year and made 12 more ready for “dressing”.


The fisherman’s rib cowl (Fisker Cowl) is the only thing I have been knitting this week. I didn’t have enough yarn for it to go twice around my neck so I knitted it at right angles together. Sorry for the late Saturday artificial light photo.


I made a fruit bowl! It has a separate post with more details and photos, but here’s a quick view of it. I was like Arnie when I left the lesson saying “I’ll be back”. Maybe next time do a whole day and make a wooden vase or maybe something with a lid!

Other News

I haven’t been sleeping very well and have been exhausted (and grumpy) this week. I haven’t been walking as much and that doesn’t help. It’s strange how we know what we need to do to make things better but are too tired to do them. Catch 22!

A while ago I bought some new kitchen containers and this week I dug them out to fill. Previously all my pasta, rice and baking goods were in a mishmash of plastic or glass containers. Different shapes and different lids just made everything look messy and wasted space. My new containers are brilliant, they all have the same lid! They don’t waste space but fit next to or on top of each other! I love them so much I bought a second set and a cereal set too! They’ll arrive on Monday.

Can I just take a moment to acknowledge how many types of sugar I own! I ran out of the small sized boxes so icing sugar and caster sugar aren’t there, but zoom in and you’ll notice 4 other types. Add to these 6 the treacle, golden syrup and two types of agave syrup!!! That’s a lot of sugar.

Truth be told 99% of the baking I do is biscuits (cookies) and cake.

When the second set arrives they’ll mostly be filled with lentils, quinoa and healthy things. Honest 😉 Will the fruit bowl be filled with fruit or chocolates? I’m thinking Terry’s chocolate orange, chocolate covered banana chips, chocolate covered raisins…then it’s a chocolate fruit bowl 😂🤣

Quick kitchen update, the worktop is on, electrics are done, just the sink plumbing and installing tap and the hob (stove top) and a few minor tweaks and it will be finished. The boiler has gone psychotic so that will need sorting too.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. Year 11 list.


  1. Your new kitchen containers are indeed brilliant. Look fantastic with your new kitchen!! I’ll match your sugars and raise you on salts! (Actually you win on sugars, maybe salts) We too have a fair amount of sugars for cookie decorating (biscotti rolled in course sugar is fantastic). My hubby has discovered greasing a cake pan and then using sugar instead of flour to keep it from sticking. Yummy crunch to cake edges. Your wooden fruit bowl is beautiful. I have been setting out apples and clementines here in Flordia and need to keep up the habit when we go back north.

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  2. Your containers look brilliant! I use mason jars for lentils and grains and beans, but the flour containers are a mish mash of years of tupperware acquisitions! And then there is my husbands spice packages….argh…don’t get me started. I loved seeing the start of your fairies. I hope your sleep improves soon and you get back to the outdoors. I am in the same boat – sleep seems elusive and comes in fits and starts.

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  3. How cool to see the fairies before dressing. I wondered how you started them. I really like your new containers. The fact the lids work on any of them is a huge plus. You have all the sugar and I have all the different flours..8 different types actually.

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    • Your definitely beat me on flours. If you look on Amazon.com for Chef’s Path containers you’ll find them and more options. I probably watched a YouTube clip of someone making a fairy and got hooked. I used to make fairies from silk flowers that I pulled apart and glued onto pipe cleaners


  4. I now have container envy… and maybe some sugar envy, even though I’m not completely sure what caster sugar is. Obviously, I am a slacker when it comes to sugars. I moved the humidifier into the bedroom and suddenly I am sleeping so much better. I hope you get your issues sorted out soon and restful nights return soon.

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  5. You made some great progress on all of your undertakings. I love the photo of the cowl. The lighting gives you a glow like I am seeing you in the light of a candle. 🙂


  6. Your bowl is gorgeous. Love the way you think with the “chocolate fruit bowl”! I’m jealous of your pantry organization. It’s one of the projects on my list, I just haven’t found the right set up yet. I like seeing how you start the fairies. Can’t wait to see them all dressed up!

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  7. Congrats on your new bowl! It will go nicely in your new kitchen along with your kitchen containers! Your little fairy bodies are so cute. I hope you got your commenting problem fixed. Your cowl turned out great. I hope you fell better and get some good sleep!

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  8. Your wooden fruit bowl is beautiful, Liz. And chocolate covered fruit to go with it sounds genius. 🙂 And your organization for your new kitchen must feel very good. Love seeing the little fairy bodies. I had no idea they had bodies. lol OK… going to check out the post devoted to the fruit bowl.

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