YOP11 Week 34/52 – a few fairies and decision time for a long term WIP

This has been a mentally draining week and I thought about skipping this week’s YOP post, but I did make some fairies so I’ll share those and I finally made a decision on a long term WIP.

(I realised I numbered last week’s post with the wrong week number, which I’ve now corrected, sorry if this threw off any of the other YOPpers.)


I “dressed” some of the fairy bodies, but didn’t complete as many as hoped. Sorry about the poor lighting photos taken before bed on Saturday.


I re-printed the Cabriolet brioche scarf pattern on single side paper and looked at it everyday but I didn’t knit on it until Saturday afternoon. I started this project 2 years ago. I kept watching YouTube clips at the start of each row to remind myself how to do it, but…

I made a mistake that seemed impossible to work down to fix without making it worse. I thought I’d leave it and just carry on, then was about to make the same mistake again and got in a real mess trying to prevent the same error. I realised two-colour flat brioche definitely isn’t for me and the project has been frogged. Frogging brioche is a challenge in itself. The dark yarn is merino/silk and the pale is merino/yak, so both too good to waste on a project I’m not loving.

Other News

The kitchen isn’t finished yet, but hopefully will be next week. There’s an issue with the flooring and a socket but I won’t go into it. I have almost moved all the furniture back to where it should be and some new locations for things.

The sunroom is finished. I like how clutter free it is, my husband asked if that’s all the furniture going in…it used to be quite cluttered before. It’s so nice to have it useable in winter.

Switching around my Billy bookcases (from IKEA) I now have one with mostly glass shelves in the lounge and the other with all solid shelves with books and pictures, which is now in the hallway. The lighting is a Phillips Hue strip just dangling down, it’s effective though to light the glass and pottery on the top shelves and some of my Minions on the bottom shelves. I LOVE being able to just see them when watching TV.

Have a good week and hopefully I’ll have a finished kitchen post to publish before next Sunday.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Your sun room is perfect with just the small amount of items in there. It actually looks quite relaxing. You certainly do have just a ‘few’ minions. They do make me smile though. Frogging that brioche does not look like fun. Your fairies are so cute. I bet they are a big seller at the consignment shop. Have a good week. Hopefully your remodel is almost completed.

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  2. Your sunroom space looks like such a relaxing space. I’m trying to work on letting go of some of my ‘stuff’ at the moment to create a less cluttered feel. I’m very attached to things though so it’s a work in progress! I agree about not wasting time and beautiful yarn on a project you don’t love, but it’s always a hard call to frog a project. I hope you find the project those yarns want to be!

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    • I used to have issues getting rid of things and I don’t know what switched in my brain but I’m finding it easier each year to let things leave the house. 7 years ago I had every school exercise book I’d written in during high school and I’m 50 this year. I sometimes catch myself thinking…just in case, but I’ve definitely got rid of at least 50% of my ‘stuff’ in the last 6 years.


  3. I’m sorry you are having a rough week. Hope this week is better. That sunroom is a wonderful space. I’d be in it all day. I have a brioche sweater planned for this year that I’m rather worried about. It’s been several years since I did brioche so fingers crossed. Maybe I can get a KAL started with my local knitters to help drive some get togethers. I just love your fairies. That blue silk yarn is right up my alley. How beautiful. Glad it will get a second chance. I’m dreading going back home (Ohio) in April. We have to tackle the disaster that was made of our pool. I don’t want it to look like a patched disaster. So I plan to contact a garden center and pay to have someone create a several year plan to turn it into an attractive “planned” area rather than a mistake cover-up. Ugg.

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  4. Our favorite room in the house is our den (which was originally a sunroom). The reason it is our favorite is partially because of the large windows, but I know another reason is because it is completely uncluttered. This should be my cue to get other (more cluttered) rooms tackled. I think I’ve hit burn-out, though, on making decisions.

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    • Yes its exhausting thinning things down. As I’ve put things back in the kitchen I’ve left potential items to remove from the house on the spare room. I’m going to see if we need any of those items and in another few weeks I’ll make a trip to the charity shop with what’s left.


  5. What a lovely space! I can imagine sitting and enjoying it just as it is. Thanks for sharing photos!
    UGH! How frustrating about your brioche project, but totally agree you should use that beautiful yarn for something that’s bringing you joy and not causing frustration. I’m sure you will find something wonderful to make with it. And as always, I adore your fairies!


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