YOP11 Week 35/52 – finally a new cast on and wet felting


I went to felting group yesterday and joined in with a Platinum Jubilee project. Those taking part were given the same fibres and embellishments to make something we thought the Queen would like for her 70th anniversary of being our Queen! We were given some supplies to use and everyone made something different. I made a little bag with a pull string (ribbon) close. I had some spare time so I also felted some blended red, white and blue onto some prefelt. I may cut this and make some bunting or do something else with it. There’s no rush.


After a few weeks of seeming to mostly be frogging things, I have cast on a new project! I’m using the yarn that was in my frogged brioche scarf.

The pattern is called Midtown Magic by Baah Yarn (free on Ravelry). The yarns are both from Cookston Crafts. The pale speckled yarn is 60% merino, 20% alpaca and 20% nylon in the colour ‘Crathie’. The darker yarn is 60% merino, 20% yak and 20% nylon in the colour ‘Emerald’. Given almost everything I own is pink or purple I’m not sure this finished shawl will go with much in my existing wardrobe but I’m enjoying the project and love the yarns.


I finished spinning my first bobbin of the baby camel and silk fibre (#4). This is still my favourite fibre to spin and is helping get my knitting mojo back up and running. I chain plied it to keep sections of the colours together, so that it doesn’t end up a muddy colour.

Other News

I will do a finished kitchen post at some point. We aren’t keen on how the splashback looks. We will live with it for now and maybe replace it with something else. We also need to put the old or some new blinds up. I’ve run out of steam with it at the moment.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. What a lovely idea of everyone starting with the same items and seeing what everyone creates out of them. I think I’d be too stuck with indecision! Those yarns are really beautiful together and I can almost feel your camel and silk. I agree it is a really beautiful combination to spin. I always thought yak and silk would be similar but I always find it a bit ‘crispy’, I’m not sure if it’s my spinning or if that is how it is. I’m sorry to hear you have bits about the kitchen you don’t like after such a big project, is it something you might learn to live with?

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    • We will need to swap out the splashback with something else. I don’t know what and don’t know if we can swap the socket that’s too close to just be an isolation switch and whether polyfilling in the hole or whether it needs doing properly. It would be hidden beneath whatever we replace it with. I’ve woken up at 5.45am wound up about it again so we will have to do something.


  2. The little Jubilee bag is terribly cute. It will be fun to use. Love your new shawl. That Emerald is just a gorgeous color. Your new spun yarn is so pretty with the silk. I just love the shine silk brings. Good decision on the chain plying. The colors play nicely together.

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  3. What a cute Queenly bag. I am sure Her Majesty would approve. I like the colors of you new shawl. Maybe you just need to buy’/make some items in blues or grays to go with it. As always, your spinning looks wonderful. I bet you are glad to have your kitchen back. Looking forward to photos of the finished product.

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  4. The little bag is adorable! It could hold a special little trinket (or a tiny cheeky minion trying to steal the crown jewels).

    Your new cast-on is really pretty, and I think will coordinate nicely with your pinks and purples.
    I’ve been keeping up with your remodel, and have loved seeing it come together. I’m sorry you don’t love the backsplash. Keeping in mind you can always change it makes it easier to live with I think!

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  5. That bag is perfect. I think you should send it on to the Queen. I think your colours will look just fine with your current wardrobe -purple and teal and perfect together. Your spinning is lovely. Sorry to hear you aren’t happy with the backsplash. I hope you are sitting with your feet up and a nice cuppa tea. When you run out of steam – stop and recoup I say.

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  6. I love that little bag – so fun! I bet those beautiful yarn colors would look lovely with purples, so maybe you’ll find something that in your closet to wear it with? I’m seriously impressed at how quickly your kitchen remodel happened. I know it didn’t feel that way at your end but hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy it all for a bit before the remodel remodel. 🙂

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  7. What a lovely 70th anniversary present! I thought it looked like the Union Jack…well done! The yarn you spun is gorgeous….what will you make from it? Your new project is lovely and glad to see you are stepping out with some new colors! It’s good to step out of our comfort zone once in a while.

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