YOP11 Week 30/52 – Warriston jumper


The jumper arms and sock knitting had continued. I finished the arms…


I’ve saved you all from a mahoosive rant again about this pattern, Warriston by Kate Davies. I won’t ever mention it again! If you want to know more then my Ravelry project page lists more issues with it.

When my husband saw me unravelling he said ‘you could have finished my socks!’ It’s TRUE, if I had frogged this when I first started hating the pattern I would have finished his socks in time for Christmas.

There are so many of Heidi Kirrmaier’s patterns I like I may only knit her designs for garments in future!! I’m definitely making a Ship Shape and have the yarn for it. I’ll make a 2nd Such a Winter’s Day. I have other patterns of hers in my library I can reuse this yarn on.

There are no rules about how many projects from one designer you can knit. I mean I have knit 9 pairs of Hermione’s Everyday Socks for myself, so I’m quite happy sitting in my lane. Knitting is meant to be relaxing, not leaving you with a desire to throw it out the window or worse! 😂🤣

I have a friend who is a reseller of New Lanark Yarn and it’s quite a bit cheaper than from the shop, so I’ve got some skeins in Bramble colour put aside for me for when I can go pick it up. (This is the same colour as my felted tote I made with the yarn.) She lives in Drumnadrochit, which is on the shore of Loch Ness. Once the kitchen is done I’ll drive down and get it. I may also pick up two other colours of DK yarn, as I so love the colourwork mittens I made with the yarn and thought I’d have a play with designing my own colourwork pattern (not to publish just to play).


I spun 25g of Shetland for my breed project. I was far too shattered and eating my dinner when spinning group was held so I didn’t attend. I hope to spin another 25g of something before January is finished.


I finished weaving the first Diamond Stripe towel and I’m progressing with the second. I’m using white weft on the 2nd as well, but no doubt one will be larger than the other so not a perfect pair.

Other News

Well this week has felt like it’s gone on and on and on. The kitchen renovation is underway and I’m tracking the progress on separate posts. Oof….its been a long week!! Week 1 post link.

The joiner appears to be Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He can’t hear what I’m saying and turned up in a foul mood on Wednesday, so my husband has taken over dealing with him. The plumber, electrician and plasterer have all been great, fingers crossed it’s Dr Jekyll that turns up next week. 🤞🏻

On Thursday I was so shattered, my husband was watching football so I came to bed and was watching the Grocery Girls on YouTube and when he came up the iPad was very loudly playing them and I was snoring away. For me to sleep when there is sound of any kind is a very rare thing indeed. That’s how exhausting this week has been. Keep your fingers crossed for me for next week, I need some positive vibes to help get me through. Takeaways, cheese & biscuits and beans on toast are not really doing much for my waistline or mood.

My book reading (both kindle reading and listening) has achieved a new high this month with me already having finished 8 books! I’ve been having a little break from podcast listening, except Armchair Expert which I never miss. I’ve also been reading before bed instead of looking at Instagram. Just shows how much time I was wasting watching reels!

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Sorry to hear about your frustrations. It’s so hard to know whether to keep on or call it a day with some projects, the whole sunk costs fallacy is hard to avoid. I tried her sock club last year didn’t get very far, but I know a friend struggled with one particular pattern for weeks. I definitely like a nice, clear pattern, and if it explains why you’re doing something, that’s even better. Yay for reading progress. I too am hoping this is going to be a better year for reading. I’m trying to read my Kindle when I wake in the night instead of endlessly scrolling social media.

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  2. You’re so right, knitting should be relaxing, not training you for “who can throw this WIP the farthest?”-tournaments. Some projects just aren’t worth the time and frustration. I like the saddle shoulders on Ship Shape, I might have to add that one to my inspiration board…

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  3. Sorry to hear about the project you frogged but hope your next sweater project gives you less frustration and more joy. For me, if a project isn’t working and it gives me frustration, I don’t mess with it and use the yarn for something else. Knitting should be relaxing and soothing, not frustrating.

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  4. Wow. Good warning about Katie Davies patterns. I’ve certainly heard her name before. As I was searching patterns for hubby’s sweater I was checking comments which did scare me off a pattern I was considering. Good warning that I need to read comments very closely before buying. Glad to know that Heidi is a good pattern writer since I also plan to knit ShipShape. Totally agree there is nothing wrong with reknitting patterns you like. I too have many Hermione socks. I can understand being careful not to get into a rut IF you aren’t enjoying it but change for the sake of change is unnecessary. Congrats on your book reading too. I really should listen to books instead of podcasts but I guess I like the video component of podcasts. It’s that false sense of being with someone.

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  5. Ouch, I know unraveling all the work you put into that sweater was painful. It reminds me of when I was starting to knit socks and I think it took a year or more before I actually had a full pair and how many I tore out and started over before that. I’m sorry you had such a rough week. I once had a painter that would get mad at me if I didn’t stand there and listen to him tell me what he did that day. I would just get home from work and get out of the car and there he was. I finally stopped coming home right after work to avoid him and then he just got huffier and huffier….it was awful! I couldn’t wait until he was gone. I was paying him but I was supposed to stroke his ego too. Geez! Glad your husband took it over.
    Your weaving is gorgeous. I didn’t know towels came in matching pairs..lol! I have to watch my time on You Tube during the day. I watch it while eating brunch and then I keep going…what a waste of time! 8 books is fantastic! I hope this co m ing week is better for you….remodeling of any kind is difficult to put up with.

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  6. Good for you for frogging the blasted sweater. You jave made so many other lovely jumpers. No need to frustrate yourself with a poorly written pattern. And add the remodel on top of it….a very frustrating week for you. May next week be better.

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  7. So sorry the sweater was so frustrating! Hope the new jumper you knit with the yarn will go smoother 🙂 Your spinning and weaving are both lovely. Also, fingers crossed the Dr. Jekyll version of the joiner shows up this week!!

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  8. Ugh! How frustrating. I hope after the yarn has been in time-out to reflect on things, you’ll be able to reuse it for something else because the color is really gorgeous. If it’s any consolation, your weaving is looking great and hopefully you’ll have some spinning time this week too.

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  9. First of all I love the word Mahoosive! I think that will be in my vernacular from now on. I am going to go check your rav page about your Kate Davie’s sweater rant. I have only knit her socks, shawls and mitts. I am sure your recycled yarn will find the perfect home. I LOVE your weaving. Weaving seems like magic to me – I can’t imagine how such beautiful cloth emerges and the concentration it must take.

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