Kitchen Renovation – Mid-week 2 update

On Monday the joiner arrived and they started work. The style of the units weren’t as straight forward as they were expecting as the install plan doesn’t mention all the trims etc.

One of the units had a break in it so a replacement was requested from the manufacturer as this must have happened in transit given the weight on top needed to have snapped it. We were told it would arrive on Wednesday.

Here’s a snap at the end of day 1 of the installation. They fixed around where the 3 floor hatches are so they are no longer springy (this work is under the floor so you can’t see that).

On Tuesday the joiners continued to construct the cabinets. They had done some overnight research on building them and I don’t know why the manufacturer didn’t send links to their videos to us for us to pass to the joiner. Good progress though for day 2.

95% finished unit.

Meanwhile the plumber was back to move water pipes in the kitchen and utility room. The plan had been to cut the pipes and have them poke through the bottom of the unit and then rejoin them, but the sink units have metal bottoms so they all needed to be moved closer to the wall so that they can fit behind the unit but with some holes cut in the back wall for access to the stop tap and the boiler refill tap. This has added to the costs as cutting and re-sealing the pipes would have been much cheaper and quicker. If only these things were a bit more detailed by the manufacturer.

Oof Wednesday wasn’t great. Whilst the joiners were building units there were some drawers misaligned during manufacturing and the joiner had to move the fixings so they lined up with the other cupboards.

The replacement corner unit turned up in a box labelled white but when opened the unit was charcoal grey! So now we need to wait for another one to arrive arrgghh. Third time lucky we hope.

However lots of things did get done and the kitchen was really starting to look like a kitchen.

The electrician was back to do some bits and he will be returning again to replace all the sockets with new ones.

The joiner mentioned if I’d like any more shelves then just ask as they have the shelf material in stock and can make some, so that’s good to know.

There’s still quite a lot to do whilst we wait on the new replacement unit, which is supposed to arrive on Saturday. The people coming to do the measurement template for the quartz worktop are supposed to be here on Monday but the new unit won’t be in by then so there’s some jiggling round to do now 🙄

This post is already getting quite long so I shall split this week into a couple of posts.


  1. I know it is feeling like an eternity already but honestly? You really had a lot of progress made by your folks. I do truly wonder about manufacturers and delivery of these types of items. Has anyone ever gotten either a full order or one that didn’t have broken/missing bits? Not us, not you, not many other friends – that is so odd to me.

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  2. Ooooh… I love that double oven. And I’m enjoying watching your kitchen come together. You have a great deal of patience, Liz. 🙂 It will be so worth it when it’s finished.

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