YOP11 Week 31/52 – Organising my stash


I think I previously mentioned I’d ordered a 2nd Kallax unit, from Ikea, with some box, drawer, cupboard and shelf inserts. It says you need 2 people to build it but I managed to construct and raise it on my own. Here’s what the two units hold, if you are interested:

  • They didn’t have any purple box inserts available so I ordered black. These are my yarn drawers. Weaving yarn doesn’t fit yet!
  • The purple boxes are all fibres: for lampshades and handbags, undyed wool, non-wool fibres, fairy locks/angelina sparkles, hand-dyed by me, Corriedale batts for needle-felting, silk fibres/scarves/ties, breed study fibres.
  • The cupboard holds my Lazy Kate, Andean plying tool, hand carders and wool combs
  • The drawers hold business cards, tags/labels/ribbons, needle-felting tools and accessories, 10” loom reeds/dividers/shuttles/pick up sticks and string heddles, boat shuttles and bobbins.
  • The split shelves hold my needle-felting mats, hat and slipper forms, electric screwdriver (for winding bobbins), supported spindle and my weaving and spinning notions pouches.
  • My inklette loom and my skein winding tool will live on top of the unit with my Minions and prepped lampshades ready to felt.

My basket of reeds etc for my 32” loom fits just to the right of the units.

At the moment the only other fibres that don’t fit in here are the coloured merino top (used to make fairies and scarves), pre-felt and the Shetland cross fibres waiting for me to comb or card them. This has freed up some bookcases, plus bags and boxes stored in the wardrobe.

When I eventually have empty boxes in the unit then I will put my weaving yarn and material in it. My hackle, drum carder and blending board still live in the wardrobe with my painting supplies, weaving yarns and dressmaking dummy.


It was our felting group’s AGM on Saturday and as Treasurer I couldn’t really not go, despite being exhausted. I left after the AGM part, just too tired to be sociable and felt anything.


I finally finished my husband’s socks. Just over a month late! I didn’t manage to get a photo before they went in the washing basket after he wore them as soon as they were done.

The only knitting projects left on my needles were my hibernation throw (but I’ve run out of yarn scraps for) and a brioche scarf that has been in hibernation! With everything going on with the kitchen renovation I REALLY don’t have brain power to tackle brioche cables!

So I opened another project bag and in there found everything I needed to knit a pair of socks for myself, Last year I’d split a skein of Two Sisters Yarn Co. in Gothic Rainbow colour, which was kindly gifted to me by Sarah at Mildly Granola blog. She knits socks using 2 x circular needles so I thought I’d give that method another go. Occasionally I go wrong and find both socks on one needle though.

I’m not really following a pattern, I cast on 56 with 2.25mm needles, about 15 rows of 1×1 rib, a vanilla sock really but decided to put a purl row at the end of the first rainbow repeat.

It’s a well known fact, amongst knitters, that self striping socks knit themselves, so I think I should fly through these. Yay for knitting for my teeny tiny feet again.

Having a project bag with everything in was a marvellous feeling and so I’m going to prep another bag with yarn, needles etc for the next time I want a project ready to just pick up and start.


I don’t have much material but what I do have includes some red velvet fabric. I’ve had it so long and I’ve forgotten what it was the trimmings from. I can’t think of a single thing I’d make with red velvet, and wondered if anyone had any suggestions before I donate it? It’s about 12” wide but quite a lot of length.


This week I spun some Bluefaced Leicester. This is usually one of my favourite fibres to spin. I wrapped the single around my Andean plying tool (as I have with the other breeds) and plied it but for some reason I couldn’t get a proper rhythm with my hands and so it isn’t plied very evenly.


There’s not much visual difference on my towels so no photo this week.

Other News

The kitchen and utility room made great progress this week. The joiners could have finished the units this week if there hadn’t been a mistake by the manufacturer, fingers crossed they’ll be finished Tuesday next week and then the floor can go down.

We have a working sink! Yay!

It’s been an exhausting week again. Doesn’t it seem like January has gone on and on forever? Or is that just in our house?

We watched The Responder drama series this week starring Martin Freeman…it’s based on a true story and is very gritty, but his performance is outstanding and BAFTA worthy.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Ikea has the best storage ideas. I enjoy just going to their showroom to get ideas for my home. You have one a great job organizing you stash. Your kitchen and laundry room are coming along nicely. I hope next week sees more progress for you and no more hiccups.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW! Adore your new fiber storage units and baskets! Unfortunately I would never remember what is in what bin hence my use of clear plastic storage. Your kitchen looks fantastic too. What a joy it will be to use it when it’s finished. Best wishes with your 2 at a time socks. I love that method. I love your rainbow yarn of course. Cute idea to add the purl row. I will be “borrowing” that idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve used my labelling machine to label the box drawers. I wouldn’t remember otherwise either lol. I usually use one very long needle for 2 at a time, I got in a bit of a pickle during the heels so currently doing the gussets separately on a needle each and will then join them on the two when I’m back to doing straight forward in the round foot section.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. No you are right, January has gone on toooooo long. five saturday, five sundays and five mondays. I am looking forward to February! You shelving unit and organization of it all is stupendous! And yay for making yourself a pair of socks! Your kitchen looks amazing and hooray for the working sink. Life’s little pleasures eh?


  4. You could make gift bags with the red velvet. That’s what we use at our house. I love that sock colorway. Everything is so neat and tidy at your house. Can’t wait to see your kitchen finished!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Unless you have a reason for a red medieval dress… (no?)… I’d vote for holiday themed things too – stockings, gift bags, maybe a wreath? Your kitchen really is coming along beautifully and I LOVE your new stash storage organization. Sending you good sock-knitting vibes to get those pretty striped ones finished up!


  6. Your cubby system looks very efficient. I love the sock yarn! Your kitchen is beautiful. I’m surprised you were able to get anything done with remodeling going on but how nice it will be when it’s all done!


  7. You taught me something new today. I never knew self striping yarn practically knits itself! I’ll have to check that out, 🤣. Congrats on finishing your husband’s socks. I love the way you set up your storage unit. IKEA really has some great stuff. I love walking around that store.


  8. Your storage and kitchen are looking great. Ot will be so nice to be finished. I love the socks and I also think some gift bags would be lovely!


  9. I know this kitchen/utility renovation has been a long lead-up! I’m happy that the actual installation is going pretty quick! It looks marvelous, and very efficient!!

    I wish I had tiny feet for socks! I wear a 40/41 (UK 7ish)- so making socks seems to go on for an eternity! But self-striping socks do seem to go faster.

    Re: red velvet: holiday decor. a table runner? wreath?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. When it comes to the foot of a sock I always wish I had smaller feet, it seems to go on forever (a bit like January). It feels really good seeing craft supplies organised. So I’m not quite sure why I never get round to sorting mine…

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I have issues with my spinning too occasionally, it’s ok, it all works out in the end, I just count it as practice :P. Love your drawers, I need to get some for mine. Be taking out totes, going through them and tossing and resorting and my drawers are full, I need more drawers to fill up :P.

    Liked by 1 person

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