Stormy days

We have had a few days of storms here and the nearby woods have every path blocked, roads have been blocked and lots of houses lost power. We have been lucky so far. There’s some crazy weather going on all over the world it seems, stay safe everyone.


  1. Wow, that’s a lot of downed trees. Great pictures of the wreckage the storms left behind. Our bad weather that’s headed this way is rain/ice/heavy snow (in that order), followed by overnight below zero temps. And finally the sun will shine again. If I don’t have to drive on/in it, I might enjoy it. 🙂

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  2. We had a storm here a year ago last August, took out about 1/2 the trees in the city, roofs damaged, trees fell on cars, roads were pretty much un-passable, they got the main roads passable in about 2 days, it took weeks to get all of them cleared of debris and fallen power lines and some power out for up to 4 weeks. It was a Deracho, strong in line winds about 120 mph, my sister said that is hurricane level 3 winds. It covered 3 states, biggest storm I’ve ever seen. Hope you all are safe.

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      • I’d just as soon have not had it 😛 A Derecho is called a inland hurricane because it doesn’t come from the water, but it certainly makes it own, the rains were horrendous! (I live in the middle of the US no where near an ocean) It’s worse than a tornado because it’s so much larger. A tornado doesn’t cover anywhere near the same huge area, it covered miles and miles as it went through. It’s the first one I’ve ever experienced and hope to never have to again.


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