YOP11 Week 51/52 – project bag sewing


Aldi online were having an offer on the Necchi Overlocker OV234, so I bought one with some of my birthday money. I’ve never used one before so will have a play with it next week.


I was determined to get my Ship Shape jumper finished this week, so on Thursday and Friday I put a lot of time in, I added a couple more rows to the bottom and bound off the bottom hem. I tried it on and could see my yarn chicken game was going to not give me full length sleeves but on a ‘summer’ jumper I think that’s fine.

However….I really don’t like the finished jumper on me. It grew like crazy under the weight of the cotton yarn and after about 20 minutes it could have just slipped right off my shoulders. I finished it on Friday and on Saturday I washed it in the machine and tumble dried it for a while and then it’s spread out to finish drying, I can see it’s shrunk a bit but don’t want to hold it vertical until I’m sure it’s dry, as damp it will weigh more and may stretch again.

If it is still not for me I have two options, I buy some more of the green yarn and pick up stitches around the neck and knit some rib rows to close the gap. I see on Ravelry someone else has done this. Or I could just donate it. I’m not unpicking it for sure. The yarn was super cheap and very splitty so definitely not worth frogging it. I will do an FO post later in the week when it’s dry and decide then. At least this project only cost me just over £20…so its just the time knitting it that is a bit annoying.

Before trying to shrink it.

A few minutes after taking this photo it slipped down over my shoulders. I tried it with tops under it and it looked wrong and although many people would be comfortable wearing something so loose round the neck for me it’s not something I am comfortable with and know I would never wear it.

I may take a little break from knitting for a while, maybe do some needle-felting in the evenings.


Onto better news, I sewed a project bag this week. I’d already cut out the fabric pieces a few weeks ago. The pattern didn’t have a lining, but I thought I could work out how to add one….I got confused. It has a lining and a zip…but when I turned it inside out I realised I had the lining inside out. I could have unpicked it all but as its black and no-one will see inside but me I just left it as is. Good bits are the top photos and the bottom photos show the dodgy bits. I’m still a learner with sewing though. Plus I blame the pattern for not having a lining included 😂🤣

Other News

I can’t believe that next week’s update will be the end of my 4th year of projects post! I’ve started to draft it already and in some areas I’m super happy with my achievements but as usual will have some things that will be carried forward to YOP12 list, which I’ve also started drafting.

I saw Top Gun Maverick this week which I really enjoyed, far more than I’d even expected to.

Our weather has been grey and rainy or sunny and super windy so again no outings out on my SUP. Fingers crossed the wind dies down, I don’t mind a bit of rain but don’t enjoy being out in the wind. The vegetable garden is struggling too, the lack of sun and high winds mean almost nothing is growing as it should by now.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Good to know about the Shipshape pattern. I too don’t like the big necks. I still have on my “to do” to pick up stitches around the neck of my Shellseeker because it’s neck is too big. Very cute project bag. I too have a bag with the lining seams on the wrong side. Like you said, oh well, who’s going to see it. Good for you getting back out and visiting a cinema. Sadly my hubby can’t sit through a movie but I guess I could just go by myself.

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    • I went to see it on my own. I have the Shellseeker pattern in my library and have reconsidered knitting it because I noticed today it has the same wide neck. I like the look of the rest of it. I think I could do a provisional cast on and then close up the neck which for me would be easier than working out how to change the start. I’m ordering more yarn to close Ship Shape neck, it’s not the same lot number but hopefully it won’t be too different.


      • I’m planning to start with the XS size for casting on in the future. Will see if that works for me. I’ve picked up stitches and increased the collar on my Amrum sweater so I plan to do that on my Shellseeker.

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  2. Such a shame about the Ship Shape sweater. I hope the drying sorts it out. Your bag looks great and no one will know or care about any imperfections, so it’s a win!

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  3. The ship shape is such a cute sweater. I vote for you to pick up the neck stitches and make the neck a bit smaller. Your bag look good to me. I would never have known the lining was on the wrong side. We went and saw Top Gun Maverick last week and loved it. First time I have been in a theater in about 5 years. There were only 5 other people in there with us too.

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  4. Oh my goodness – that sewing machine…..amazing!!! I love the look of that sweater on you, but I hear you about cotton growing as you wear it. I have made one cotton sweater and yes, it is very ‘sexy’ with its off the shoulder look (just not too appropriate for someone my age).

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  5. I love that sweater….so disappointing that you can’t make use of it. Your project bag is so cute. I need to make some as I am really tired of Ziplock bags…lol! That is quite the machine you got! Is that for sewing knit materials? Yes, another YOP year ….full steam ahead! I hope the weather cooperates for you. It is sunny and VERY hot here.

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    • It’s what you would call a serger. It will be ideal for securing both my sewing with bought material but especially my hand woven fabrics. I’d like to weave and then sew clothes with the weaving rather than just making towels and scarves.


  6. I don’t know if you see my blog – if not, you might check out the post from a couple of days ago, where I posted a photo of what I think of as Heffalumps. I hope that adding on around the neck works for you; so much work into it at this point! I’m hoping that yarn chicken is not what my current project turns into – I’m into my last skein of one of the yarns, but there’s a lot there, and it will hopefully make it!

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  7. That neckline would bug me too. 😦 Sorry it didn’t work out with a good fit as I think it would be a really great summer sweater beyond that (with the nautical vibe going on). Hope you can salvage that. Cute fabric you picked for your bag!

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  8. I really like the length of the sleeves on the sweater. I completely understand the neckline issue… I just hate overly large necklines and avoid some patterns from designers that I really like over that very issue. I think that added ribbing will look great as it would tie in with the ribbing on the sleeves. I wait to see what you come up with.
    I also love the project bag. I found a pattern online and made some bags for my little projects like hats and socks, and I also got clever and added pockets and a zipper compartment to one bag. I haven’t sewn zippers for a long time, and it had to rip it out twice, and then when I finally had it in I realized that it was upside down… I love the final bag and I agree, it has to be lined!

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  9. Too bad about the sweater because it is very cute. I know that someone will really like it! I guess that’s the way life is – you never know really what you’re going to get. Cute bag too!

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  10. Wide square necks can be a challenge to wear! I have broad shoulders, and I still struggle with always adjusting them to be in the right spot. I hope the extra yarn works out to close it up a bit. Ripping out a sweater that has the ends woven in is the WORST.

    Your project bag is adorable! You’re right, no one will notice!

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