YOP11 Week 43/52 – finished lampshades and spinning

I used to get criticised by an old boss for not ‘topping and tailing’ my emails with niceties and just getting straight on with my points. It does occur to me that with these Sunday YOP post updates I usually just get straight on with the different sections. I hope if you’ve been following my blog this means you are fine with my style of writing and know that I do always hope that you are well and that you are very welcome here and I’m grateful that you find the time to check in with what crafting I’ve been up to during the week.


I asked my dad for a Schacht Inkle loom for my birthday, which isn’t until June. I have an Ashford Inklette that I bought 2nd hand from another Guild member but I’d like to do more intricate designs, longer/wider bands and do tablet card weaving which is much easier to do on the larger Inkle loom. My sister bought me for Christmas a book with lots of designs I’d like to try so I’m excited it has arrived and I can get going. I’ve also joined an Inkle and a Band weaving group on Ravelry and have already received some tips and links of videos to watch. I even found a minion pattern! Perhaps I need some yellow yarn!!


5 x 20cm lampshades were constructed and dropped off at the gallery on Tuesday. On Easter Sunday I laid out 2 x 25cm shades and need to felt them. I’m hoping to be back in a regular routine of making stock for the gallery now, especially as tourist season is starting.


I’ve been making progress on my 2nd Such a Winter’s Day jumper.

For those who weren’t following me years ago when I made the last one, I made some alterations to the underarm, and my notes are a little vague. I also made a mistake by switching from 3.75mm needles to 4mm needles after putting a safety line in to try it on after splitting for the sleeves. Now I really love my other one and wear it a huge amount, it’s warm, comfortable and bobbling/pilling resistant. So I’m wondering whether I should make the same “mistake” again?! What if I don’t like it as much if it’s a bit tighter on my chest and abdomen?

Oh and I cast on Sunday Sweater too. 3 jumper WIPs! Lol


I finished chain plying the home-dyed Suri alpaca and superfine merino, which is so lovely and soft. It’s ended up between aran and chunky weight and I’m out of practice with chain plying so there’s some over-spun and under-spun sections but it’s so squishy and soft I still love it. It’s going to be a cowl I think.

On the spin group’s zoom call on Tuesday I made a start on spinning some of my home-dyed Polwarth. I split the fibre in half lengthways and then split one half into 3 and spun onto one bobbin. The other half was on a 2nd bobbin spun from one end to the other. When plied together it’s not exactly a fractal but gives me a finished 2 ply worsted or heavy DK yarn, that is a mix of the pastel colours. I think I’ll use it to make a hat or mittens that will go with the Suri alpaca cowl I make. We shall see, for now it’s going in the handspun drawer.

Suri alpaca & Superfine merino (left) Polwarth (right)

Other News

This week our dog, Ylva, turned 14. She’s an OAP (old age pup).

On Wednesday I got out for the first paddlepboarding of the year. There’s a short post with a lovely photo on my travel blog.

I transplanted some vegetable seedlings and planted some others. But I’m definitely behind where I was this time last year.

It’s time for me to pay some attention to the housework and house maintenance, it had to creep up on me eventually if I kept ignoring it 😂. So far I washed the carpets upstairs, that’ll do for this week 😅

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Dear Liz,

    I hope you are keeping well. I honestly do not mind how you how you start and end your posts, I’m just pleased you share your projects with us! I do like the look of your Such a Winter’s Day sweater. I’d probably go with making the same mistake again if you liked the first jumper so much. I generally prefer a bit more room in mine though so that I can vary what I layer them with/eat more cake when the mood takes me. Your polworth looks lovely and squishy, I hope it comes out of the drawer soon and makes it into something.

    Good luck with the chores. I’ve just had ten days off and meant to catch up on lots of things. I managed a good clean and declutter of the bathroom on day one and took the rest of the holiday off to recover!

    That’s it for my comment this week, I look forward to checking in and seeing how your week develops. Take care and all best wishes,


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    • Oh thank you, that’s lovely to hear. If you click on the menu on my blog and select Lampshades you’ll see quite a selection of different ones I make, but the seascapes and sheep ones are popular with the tourists as that’s what they see up here in the Highlands

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  2. So much yarny goodness in this post. And yay for getting out for a paddle. I am like you – not a lot of topping and tailing, although I do try …. sometimes. It sounds like you are feeling more like your old self and that is great news. And hooray for Dad coming through on the birthday (albeit early) gift. Can’t wait to see your creations on it.

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  3. I prefer your style of writing. I don’t like small talk, but I don’t think niceties are a waste of time. I understand some people need that. I like that you get on with the craft talk. 🙂

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  4. LOL – I think this is me as well. I have to actively remember chit-chat in work emails so no one feels I’m being short with them. Busy week for you but such wonderful things to show for it. I love those wee sheepies on your lampshade. Bet that one goes quickly. Beautiful handspun skeins too – they look amazing!


  5. You need to do you for your writing. I enjoy the way you write. Three jumpers on the go! Impressive. Your spun yarn is great . It will be fun to see what intricate weaving you do. As always, your lampshades look fabulous.

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