YOP11 Week 44/52 – Weaving week


I’m making good progress on my Sunday Sweater jumper.


I’ve been a member of Kelly Casanova’s online weaving school for 2 years and the renewal date is in early May. During the last 2 years there were lots of the courses I hadn’t watched, so I have really been on a mission to finish them all, which I finally achieved this week. Luckily you can increase the speed of playback so I watched them at 1.75 times their normal speed.

Kelly is clever with her pricing, you renew at the price you originally bought the course (for me that’s US$65), and her prices for new joiners increases significantly each year (now US$152) so that tempts you to renew because it’s less than half the price of rejoining at a later date. As years go on it would be even more appealing to renew as I’m sure those who joined 4 or 5 years ago won’t be paying very much at all for their renewals.

However, I have decided to cancel and not renew my membership. I’ve learned a lot and I’m glad to have been a member but I have hardly put anything into practice. The patterns I’ve made of hers were actually ones I bought separately from her Etsy shop, like the town bag, the garden path shawl and the diamond stripe tea towels. I would recommend all 3 of these patterns and I have a couple of others to try.

Talking of Diamond Stripe tea towels, that’s what my main crafting has been this week. I started these ones in early January as part of a weave along! The cotton was mostly Venne Bio 8/2 cotton, although I realised after finishing the 2nd I must have switched white cotton to some from the Handweaver’s studio, which is a different shade of white doh!

Other News

I managed to get back out on my SUP this week. The lady I went with had us go round the loch twice so it was just over 3 miles we paddled. She says next time we will do three circuits…I suggested perhaps twice round the loch and then a loop around the small island in the loch. She’s probably 10 years older than me but much fitter, perhaps by the end of the summer I’ll be zooming around the loch a dozen times in a day 😂

I planted up my raised borders with pea, beetroot, seaweed kale, carrot and flower seeds. I found some unpicked carrots hiding under an enormous parsley plant so used those in a lentil soup I made.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


    • Not much to show yet, just soil really and some broccoli I’m still harvesting. It will be a few weeks I think before there are enough signs of life showing for a post and they’ll be on my garden blog moving forward. 😀

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  1. Your jumper is coming along very nice. Those subscriptions definitely can be addictive with their “savings”. Good for you to realize that you aren’t really using it. Love your tea towels. Congrats on getting back into paddleboarding. Hope you have a wonderful summer. Not surprisingly, I haven’t taken a walk since we returned “to the north”. Between cold and rainy weather I’m not motivated to go outside (raining now!). Hopefully May will be a better month for getting off the couch.

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    • We have waterproof coats and over-trousers and gore-tex waterproof hiking shoes. If we didn’t go out when it was cold or wet here I’d only be outside a few months a year…I’m sure it must be a shock to come back from Florida though, I guess it takes time to acclimatise back to the northern temps

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  2. What a gorgeous shade of blue on your jumper. It is moving along quickly. Your towels are great. I like the pattern you used on them. How exciting to find some bonus carrots! Sounds like you are all planted and ready for growing and harvesting.

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  3. The towels are lovely and they remind me of an optical illusion when looking at them. I like the blue you’ve chosen for your jumper….quite a change from your usual purple. That color looks good on you! Good luck on the garden and good for you with your SUP….you’re going to be in fine shape!

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  4. Probably a good call on the subscription; if weaving was your PRIMARY craft it would be different I think.
    That sweater is BEAUTIFUL! I think it will be a great edition to your winter wardrobe.

    All your SUP sounds awesome!

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  5. I love that diamond draft! I have my table loom set up waiting for me to come play with it and the draft that is already on it looks a lot like those diamonds. I thought that I would play around on the table loom and then move to the floor loom to make a bigger project like your towels. I also think that I will use the table loom to weave the homespun so I won’t have too much waste. Lots to play with.

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    • The pattern I used was for a rigid heddle loom, which is all I have. Twill on a table or floor loom is much easier to create I hear. I hope you remember the sequence to finish the project on there already. The first ones in this pattern I made, on my 10” loom, I use to dry my face and they still look like new after at least 50 goes in the washing machine and tumble dryer. (I line dry everything except towels.)

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      • I think that I have located the draft in a book I have so I plan to throw a few picks to see if I have it. I have dishtowels that are just workhorses for me, and they are in great demand with the family.

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