Town Bag (and phone pouch) FO



Town Bag by Kelly Casanova, available on Etsy from her online shop.

I also made a phone pouch, no pattern followed.


Wensleydale Longwool Aran yarn in Teal and Fennel. Just over 1 skein of each. In hindsight it could have been made from just 1 of each but I was worried I would run out.


Pattern: £5.43

Yarn: ~£20

Thermoweb fuseable interfacing: £6.85

Lining fabric: £5.99 (quite a lot left)

Woven Bag Strap: £3.41

Total (excluding labour): ~£36 but there is some leftover material and I haven’t counted thread costs.


Started – 10th April 2021

Finished – 22nd June 2021

Link to Ravelry Page

Pattern summary

The pattern is very clear for both warping the houndstooth pattern on a rigid heddle loom (mine is 32″) and the sewing of the bag and lining. Lots of pictures and clear step by step instructions. I did get muddled when I put the lining on and ended up with it inside out and had to unpick and re-do, but think that was my error not the pattern.

Yarn Summary

This yarn is not really suitable for weaving. It was very sticky and not at all easy to get a clean shed to pass the shuttle through. However, I love the sheen on the yarn and it was worth the struggles. Really happy with the feel if it. Time will tell how well it wears.

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