Weaving – Diamond Stripe Towels WAL for Rigid Heddle

Well, in an attempt to take on as many things as possible to help me hide from what’s going on in the real world, I have signed up to my first Weave along…or is it weave-a-long? Anyhoo, I shall just call it WAL for short.

The WAL is to make some very pretty diamond stripe patterned towels on a rigid heddle loom using 2 x 12.5 dpi reeds and some of the cotton yarn I have in my stash.

Although I have a 32”/80cm loom, I don’t have 2 of those sized heddles for it, so I am going to give it a go on my 10” Sampleit and if I like the finished towels maybe I will get a 2nd heddle for my larger loom to make more. This is my first go at any sort of fancy double heddle pattern so it is probably a good idea to try on my Sampleit anyway…I mean the clue is in its name 😀

The pattern for the WAL can be found on Kelly Casanova’s Etsy Page. (I noticed if I selected PayPal it added a fee to the price, so to keep the original price select the debit/credit card option.)

As a member of her school I get free enrolment to the WAL. If you aren’t a member there’s a small fee and that gives you access to the videos and information for the WAL on Kelly’s online classroom. (You still need to buy the pattern on Etsy too.)

Her website has more details if you are interested. Registration opened today and closes in a week for non-school members. If you are a member of her school it’s available anytime.

So wish me luck and hopefully I will have some pretty, but rather small sized, towels!

On a totally separate matter, I noticed a fake email coming in that was made to look like a normal notification from WordPress of a comment on an old post. I thought it looked odd and didn’t click the link but went to my blog and realised there was no such blog post or comment, so watch out there is obviously a scam email thing going around.


  1. Sticking our heads into the wool is like sticking ones head in the sand, only better.
    Looking forward to seeing your projects. Thanks for the heads up on the email bit. If you get anything that looks odd, just hover your mouse over the name of the sender and it will display the email address without you having to open the email.

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