Decluttering update

Well the master bedroom and main bathroom, including wardrobes is supposed to take 2 weeks, but I finished in the first 7 days. So I started on week 3 which is the kitchen and oh my goodness! Bearing in mind I usually spring clean the cupboards I don’t know what I’ve been doing each year with herbs and spices…but I found this bottle at the back of the cupboard that was best before…well you can see on the photo!!


This time I have been ruthless with my fridge items, herbs, spices and oil/vinegar cupboards.

Its hard to make out but these are 16 glass bottles, 17 herbs/spices jars and 15 other jars!!

Tomorrow I need to tackle the baking, utensils and possibly the dreaded Tupperware cupboard eek!

My husband has gone through his clothes voluntarily (well after reading Sunday’s blog post) so the spare room is getting pretty rammed with clothes to donate.

The good news is this decluttering isn’t likely to take the full 91 days of the challenge!


  1. Well, it seems you are on a roll. I save jars for two reasons, because I make chutneys and pickles and I re-use candle wax and make new candles. However, I still have loads, so they go into the recycling bin for now. As for herbs and spices, I don’t care about the date as they really don’t go off. Though I won’t be replacing certain items once they are used up. Your collection isn’t really that shocking, to me. I have a canned of tinned pumpkin that is way out of date. Nice to see your husband has seen the light. I am sure that is a big help. 🙂

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    • I have kept a couple 2018 ones that still smell of what’s in them, but the vast majority were never ever used after opening. I’m only keeping 3 jars and the 7 small bottles which will he handy for when we go self catering or camping and need to decant things. But the majority will go in the recycling. Definitely on a roll although I’m knackered now.

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  2. I am hoping to finish the decluttering before 91 days also. I should have the kitchen finished today. Then I will start on our guest room. It is a bit out of order but we have something being delivered to go into the guest room so need to make room for it. I found so many duplicates of spices and they had never been opened. They are going to the food bank. I did find one spice maked 99 cents and no expiration date! No aroma from it either so it got trashed. You certainly reclaimed a lot of bottles and jars. Good job, Liz.

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  3. yay, well done you!
    On jars: I’d suggest recycling most of them – I commend my DH for reigning me in on the “just in case”, if you leave them around they tend to multiply 😜


    • In normal times we do go camping and have a couple of holiday cottage visits so I’ve kept some small ones for oil, vinegar, washing liquid etc that we don’t want to buy plastic packs of. I have berries in the freezer to make jam with and that’s why I’ve kept some jars. But the rest will go. I don’t need the vast majority.


  4. You’re doing so well, I’m impressed! Right before I read this, I threw away a box of tea that had a “best by” date of 2013, but that might be the extent of my kitchen clean-out.


  5. I was shocked in October (I think it was?) when I got rid of so many old spices. Or was that a year ago? Maybe I need to go through my spice drawer again. 🙂


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