YOP10 Week 29/52 – Starting the Diamond Stripe teatowels


Well again not much knitting time and I have been monogamous on my Advent shawl. Last week I was just starting on Rubix Cube…I’m starting to think I mislabelled them…anyway we are getting some blues now. Mr Frosty (I had one of these and loved it, you made shaved ice and put syrup on), My Little Pony and I have started Magna Doodle. Then I have 3 colours left and I can get it blocked…not sure that will be this week.


The ladies at my Guild have been absolute stars, so my plan to do a breed project is going ahead. I have a total of 26 breeds of sheep either in my stash or being offered up by some of the members and will be spinning 25g of each and then crocheting a square of each and then sewing them together to make a breed blanket.

On Ravelry I found a lady in Florida who is doing the exact same thing so that was spooky! We are going to keep in touch and she has made a template of the notes she plans to keep about each breed and has offered to share her template with me. She is using merino as a test for assessing how thick a yarn and how much 25g will make and that’s my plan to. This is a long term project and I see it going on throughout the whole year and possibly beyond.


On Friday I warped my 10″ loom ready for the Diamond Stripe towels I am making during Kelly Casanova’s Weavealong. Here’s a snap after one repeat.

I am now just over half way through towel #1 and the 2nd towel will use either white or red weft (horizontal lines) with the dark blue warp (vertical lines). My sides are still a bit messy but a lot will be sorted once they’ve been washed and tumble dried.

Weaving and Zoom set up for our Guild social on Saturday afternoon

Other News

This week decluttering moved into the kitchen, well it did for me as I was ahead. After a couple of days I got distracted by the baking drawer and made Chelsea buns so I still have quite a bit of the kitchen left to do.

On last Sunday’s post I had complained about my husband not liking to get rid of things, but he read my post and voluntarily started to clear out ripped and old clothes he doesn’t wear any more. So I was really happy.

That’s filled my week really!

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. well done you, another productive week! Those towels are going to be really nice!

    In the “Zoom picture” I can see something like a super bobbin, what ist htat please? Just very curious!

    and really looking forward to your breed project, I had a plan to do that too, but first I’ve got to learn to spin “unaided”!

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    • It is a wooden swift, it opens up and you pop your skein on to wind balls of yarn by hand or on the ball winder. It actually has a broken arm so I should chuck it out but I do occasionally still use it.


  2. Your towel weaving looks so nice. I really like the pattern that is evolving. A breed specific blanket sounds so interesting. And the fact you will have notes as to each breed makes it so special. How big do you think the blanket will be when completed? I had never heard of Chelsea buns so looked them up. YUMMY! They are not anything like we have here in the states. The closest thing we would have would be a cinnamon roll.

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  3. Your breed blanket sounds so fun. I too am looking forward to updates. How fun that you found someone in Florida doing something similar! I just love all the bright colors in your Advent shawl. It looks beautiful.

    All this weaving. It’s taking all my willpower to not order a loom!! I suspect one is in my future. Hmm, a friend just bought a large loom as a Christmas present from various family members. I may have to see if you wants to sell her smaller loom?? Oh no!!!

    Loved your comment about getting distracted while decluttering the kitchen. Had to look up chelsea buns. Look delicious!! My hubby is making cinnamon buns as I woke up with a splitting headache this morning. He is treating me. (Thankfully aspirin and caffeine have finally kicked in) so I’m feeling better.

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  4. I adore that shawl and each one of those yarns is gorgeous! Your weaving is so pretty and the idea of a breed blanket is awesome! I dropped off the de-clutter bandwagon but not really. I just decided to “clean” up each room first and then go back and dig into drawers and such. Good for your husband! I am a saver so I understand.

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  5. Your advent shaw is SOOO colorful! I really look forward to seeing the progress each week. Those colors speak to my soul.

    I can’t wait to see your spinning project and your weaving project as they move forward!

    PS: Why no pictures of the Chelsea Buns??

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  6. Your first paragraph reads like you’ve pulled toys out of the toy chest. 🙂 The blue colors are beautiful and they are definitely reminiscent of what I’ve always known as snow cones (shaved or crushed ice doused with fruit-flavored syrup)!

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  7. Your weaving and shawl are looking just lovely! The breed specific project sounds so interesting – I can’t wait to hear/read about that! And you are so impressive with your decluttering – that is hard work!

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  8. Wow I really like your idea of the breeds blanket! It will be so nice for your guild to be able to see and feel the different breeds. Husband just bought me a book on breeds and spinning for my birthday but I am sure having the actual spun samples would be even better.

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  9. The Advent shawl is a lovely riot of color! Almost spooky about the lady in Florida with her own breed project. Your weaving looks beautiful and practical and kudos on your decluttering progress, even if you did get distracted by baking!

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