Decluttering update week 3

Oh my goodness soooooo much stuff is piling up to go. I can’t wait until charity donations are possible so that I can bag things up and drop them off. I have been thinking of bagging them up in lots, good quality work clothes, summer wear etc. At least because they are laid out in piles I could make it easier for the shops to sort.

I’ve done some moving around of things I am keeping, for example the Tupperware nightmare I have moved from the cupboard under the sink to a drawer and it looks great…we shall see how long that lasts.

We have some bits I will look at once the world has re-opened. There still isn’t enough room in the kitchen cupboards for the bread maker so that is living in the spare room still! I think when I do the utility room declutter then I may be able to re-jig things and find room.

So tomorrow I will make a start on the utility room cupboard.


  1. Drawers are perfect for food storage containers. Yours looks quite nice. You are so kind to think of putting charity items into categories for the thrift shops. Good luck on today’s declutter. BTW……I have a photo printer sitting in a spare bedroom as I have no room for it in the office. My air fryer is into if my clothes dryer. Seems we all have storage issues lol.

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  2. So brave of you and so good for the soul. I hate clutter. I lived with a mother who either didn’t know how to organize or just didn’t care and it drove me mad. I have moved so many times in my life that I have had one of these decluttering catharsis sessions many times in my life. But with nine grown children even their boxed “keep the special stuff for me mom” clutter accumulates. My project this year is to finally organize our basement and at least consolidate some of the as yet unpacked boxes. You have inspired me to just get rid of things we won’t ever use again. My husband tends to never clean up either and his mother is a genuine Hoarder, but I don’t allow him to get involved. His problem is being a shop-a-holic but with Covid all that had thankfully slowed down. Lol

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    • Oh goodness 9 children’s keepsakes I could image really could add up. I’m very grateful that we don’t have a basement…I feel confident I would lose more arguments if we had a basement to ‘store just in case items’. 😉

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