YOP10 Week 30/52 – Two FOs


I have finally finished my ADVENTuresome shawl and it is still drying on the blocking mats. I will do a finished object post about it but in the meantime here’s a quick snap.

I have cast on a sock but I’m only on the cuff so not much to show yet.


I was able to join January’s spinning group on Tuesday evening but was struggling to spin the yak and silk fibre as I’m out of practice at spinning anything, never mind a new to me fibre. So I switched to weaving instead. Now my big shawl is finished I will spend a bit more time spinning and will make a start on testing for my breed project to see how much 25g spins into and what sized square that would make.


I finished my Diamond Stripe towels. They are not the same size…in fact the blue and white one is twice the length of the one in two shades of blue!!!

I have picked up lots of tips for measuring from the Facebook group of the weave along, plus Kelly did give some but well clearly I forgot to follow them.

The blue and white one is folded in half on the photo so on the left you can see what both sides look like. I would definitely like to try these in a larger size.

Other News

This week seems to have gone by pretty quickly. I have slowed down my pace of decluttering but I am still working my way around the kitchen and have started on the utility room. We could open a coffee shop that also sells pints for the amount of mugs and pint glasses we have 🤦‍♀️

We have had snowy days, next day it melts and then the water freezes and then more snowfall. I love the snow and so grateful that I’m not living in the north of England where there have been terrible floods. One of my friends sent a picture of a big pond that has appeared in her garden. I will definitely take snow over rain…to be honest I’d take snow over a very hot summer day too.

My plan for next week is to catch up on some housework chores, finish the kitchen and utility room and start on the cupboard under the stairs eeek! I think the thought of getting to that is why my pace has slowed down. We have badminton and tennis racquets, life vests, camping gear, a portable bridge card table (that I have found a home for with someone who actually plays bridge). In 2017 I did clear out a lot more random stuff out of there but I’m sure there are other things in there I will have no idea why we kept. The old ‘just in case after 15 years not playing badminton we take it up!’ conversations are no doubt going to happen this week lol

I shall finish with some snowy pictures. My Void shawl is great on cold days with it’s high alpaca content and my hat in the picture is alpaca yarn I bought in Cusco, Peru.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. The shawl looks great! Such a variety of colors and patterns. I have never seen a blocking matt before. I always used to block items on the ironing board. Amazing what you can get now since the 80’s! Your snow scene looks lovely. It always threatens to snow down here in the SE, but never happens. The last time was 9 years ago. Sometimes there is a little on the downs and the dogs go crazy over it. 🙂

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    • If you ever need blocking mats for any reason then just buy them from a toy shop or amazon as children’s play mats. They are identical and fit together with the ones sold as blocking mats but they are half the price. You can buy a box of T pins separately. Once you start using your spinning wheel regularly you may start knitting again…or could use your handspun on your French scarves.

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      • Ah thank you, such a great idea! I do want to learn to spin, just need someone to show me the ropes and to make sure my wheel is ok. Not really sure if it 100% since we had to take it apart and give it a good clean and lube. I will be glad when we can get back to guild meetings! I actually love knitting as I can do it when watching TV. 🙂

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  2. goodness me, the shawl is terrific!

    I still haven’t mastered measuring cloth on the loom either – but then failed miserably, as I did not account for take-up, so although the first of two scarves on the same warp came out of the expected length, the other wan fell short by about 20cm!

    Good luck with the decluttering – and I freely admit to laughing out loud when reading about the bridge table 😜

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    • My dad gave me his old bridge table as we do like playing cards, but we play canasta and you need lots of space to layout your melds and my husband doesn’t like the feel of the green top. In 2017 when I did the other clear out I should have got rid of it then, but at least now I’ve met someone whose wife plays bridge and she says she’d like it. Her husband considers it moving clutter from one house to another, but she says she will use it and would like it so when we can get out of our driveway I will drop it off. My husband has a 2 rubber boats not used in 15 years+ and I think one of them may be in there too…crazy the crap you accumulate 😂

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      • “Her husband considers it moving clutter from one house to another” 😂
        Still, I am with the wife!
        And hey, you never know when you may need something… I do have hoarding instinct, but ever so often I have a clear out and let go. 15 years are too many for me too!

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    • I realise I’ve been posting photos of the snow on my personal photo a day Instagram which is the same name but no underscore in the middle. I don’t hashtag or advertise it as it’s acting as a picture diary for me.

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  3. Fabulous shawl! And great tip about the blocking mats. I had purchased mine from Knitpicks several years ago, and since they don’t seem to wear out, I guess I will have them for the rest of my knitting career.

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  4. Your advent shawl inspires me. I look forward to creating something with all the minis I got for advent. The snow does look lovely. Unfortunately where I live we don’t get much snow but do get a lot of cold grey days hence the decision to winter in Florida where it definitely doesn’t snow!! I’ll live vicariously through you. 🙂

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  5. Your scarf is really pretty. Your woven towel are pretty too. How nice to have a couple of finishes this week. your snowfall photos make me wish to be playing in the snow too. We have rain here today and I will take that. We are in an extreme drought at the moment so need the moisture. As for decluttering. Even though hubby and I are way ahead of the schedule……….I see us slowing down quickly for the exact reason you stated. There is one room in our home that is ‘just in case’ room. So it is going to be a real struggle to get my better half to let things go in there. Good luck.

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  6. I LOVE seeing your ADVENTuresome shawl stretched out like that, Liz. How cool looking is that! I also love your woven towels (it must be fun to be able to use your own hand-woven towels – do you use these to dry dishes, or your hands, or do they serve other purposes? And those snowy pictures make me almost want to go out and play in the snow. Almost. 🙂 Our snow isn’t nearly so pretty and inviting.

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  7. Speaking of blocking mats…I got a whole set of the childrens at Goodwill for $4!!! I’m still pretty chuffed about that! LOL! The Adventuresome shawl is in my Top Ten that I want to knit! It is simply beautiful and I wish I could replicate yours as I love it but I’m sure I couldn’t get the same yarns….but I could try! I too love snow….we don’t get it down here very often and it never stays.
    Beautiful scenery and your hat and your void shawl were made for each other! I’ve been clearing and cleaning too and it feels so good and my reward is to sit down an ddo some handwork on my breaks. Have a good week!

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  8. I love your shawl!! I just blocked my Advent project last night and I am sad to say that I didn’t weave in my ends first so I have that ahead of me. Yours is just wonderful! I like the dishtowels that you made… one of my favorite towels is now wearing out and I have been thinking that I need to warp up the loom and make a new set as I just can’t function without lots of towels!! I have an 8 shaft loom and I seriously am a little overwhelmed at the thought of warping it, but I can put on a big warp and then weave towels for me and some gifts, too. 🙂
    I will take snow over a hot day anytime!! Love your landscape.

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  9. You look so pretty in purple. Such beautiful photos of the snow. I don’t mind snow, but the ice…well, let’s just say we are not the best of friends. I think the shawl is gorgeous and LONG!!

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  10. love the shawl and all the names of the colourways was so delightful. Your snow pics are wonderful. We were promised snow this past weekend, but all we got was icy rain. Not nearly so pretty. I will be interested in how much you spin per 25 gms and see how it compares to my breed spins. keep us posted!

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    • I took it off the mats today and its huge…no idea how to wear it. It will be for spring and cool days in summer I think. I will try to get some photos of it on in different ways. I only tried it over my chunky dressing gown.

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