YOP11 Week 28/52 – Starting some Diamond Stripe Towels

I had plans this week to felt and dye, but instead I knitted and wove or is it weaved?! I am probably best not making weekly plans and just sticking with the annual plans.


The socks for my husband are progressing, slowly. I do love the yarn colours.

I think I’m at the point to do the sleeves on my jumper but need to put it on a longer needle to check. I am really not enjoying doing a bottom up jumper, top down seems so much quicker and more motivating…or perhaps that’s just me.


I spun 25g of Wensleydale as part of my breed project and also spun some baby camel and silk.


Last January when I only had a 10” loom I made some Diamond Stripe tea towels as part of a weave along by Kelly Casanova. She is doing another this January and sign up opens on the 12th January, but as I already had the pattern and access to the videos I have got a head start!

Warping my 32” loom with fine thread doubled took ages, then there was all the threading of both heddles. But now I’ve made a start on the weaving and I’m really happy with how it looks so far. The cotton is Venne 8/2 cotton. The pattern is on Kelly’s Etsy store and details of the weave along are on her website if you are interested. The pattern is for a rigid heddle loom. They look like more symmetrical diamonds once they are washed and on the reverse side.

Other News

I have managed to do some yoga each day and do something spinning and weaving related each day and I hope to keep that up.

It has been snowy and cold this week which has been lovely on dog walks. Our dog absolutely loves snow, licking it, face planting into it, eating snowballs, she has a spring in her step when there’s snow on the ground. She will be 14 in April but seems much younger when it’s snowy.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Loads of fun things for this week! I’m in love with your towels already and happy to see weaving content to enjoy too now! 🙂 Enjoy your snow – we had a bit, although it’s down to the melt/remelt/iced-over stage. Our dog loves it too and it’s such a delight watching her enjoy it that much!

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  2. It’s that long stretch of knitting the torso that makes bottom up sweater so boring to knit. If there is no cabling or colorwork then it’s just row after row of sameness before you get to the shaping.

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  3. I wondered when I didn’t see your post at the top of the thread. Figured you were on a trip. You are clearly not alone in preferring top down. That’s what I don’t like about the tank top I’m knitting. It’s bottom-up. Yarn chicken is a much bigger deal in bottom up I think. My problem with top down is making the neck opening too large because the weight of the sweater really stretches out the neck. I’m still figuring out how to get the correct neck opening. Lordy, I do love the purple of your jumper. So pretty. Agree the blue socks for hubby are really nice.

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  4. Your weaving looks beautiful, Liz. Your pictures are beautiful. Every time I come in here, I say to self, “learn to take such good, crisp pictures”. One of these days I will apply myself more to this.

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  5. I tried a bottom-up sweater once. I did not like it at all. I really find it difficult to measure when to start the sleeves.
    My Razz loves to lay in the snow and eat the frozen chunks. He tried to bring one inside but I was on to him.


  6. Those towels look so nice!
    I’m not on my second bottom up top in a row, and I think I’m with you – what gets me is that I know I have a section coming where the stitch count gets a lot bigger and that’s slightly annoying to me – though it also means you get to end with decreases! So it’s all relative haha 🙂


  7. Beautiful weaving & brave husband for wearing such colorful socks. My corgis also adore the snow, they go crazy in it. They literally skip on their walks. Dogs must be so hot in our cozy warm houses.

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  8. Top down sweaters are the best! I love how I can try on the sweater while I make it and getting the sleeves exactly perfect is a snap. If I am running low on yarn I knit the sleeves before I finish the body; maybe I will have a slightly cropped sweater but the sleeves will be perfect! I am going to have to get the loom out for sure to make some towels because yours look so great! I just have that slight kitten problem…

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  9. My heart on a sleeve sweater was bottom up and sleeves were wrist up so I had three bits to join in for the top. It actually ended up lovely and fits well, but I prefer top down!

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