Decluttering update week 4

This week I tackled the utility room cupboards and the dreaded cupboard under the stairs. The randomness of some of the items I have kept is truly astonishing and my husband still wants to cling on to a few things that we haven’t used in 15 years and doubt we ever will. Here’s some photos of the random cr*p we had in our understairs cupboard…including a boat!

After discussion I managed to have us part with 1 squash racquet, a laptop bag, 1 sleeping bag and agreed we would definitely test the boat this year and see if it actually works! I need to lose some weight as the life preserver (still with its label on) is for someone 13lb lighter than I am currently! Ooops!

One other item has gone and that is the portable bridge table. That has actually left the house and the new owner is thrilled with this vintage item and can’t wait for lockdown to be over so that she can have her friends over to play for real. Her husband tells me she plays online with friends 3 or more evenings a week so it will get lots of use when lockdown finishes and she sent me a lovely email of appreciation for it…and even likes the carry bag that my mum had made for it out of a pair of 1980s curtains with some nice straps. It feels good to have items find new homes.

I’ve managed to find a contact for one of the charity shops in town and she is willing to do contact free collecting, so this week I need to sort out the bagging and labelling of things so we can get the spare room clear of all the heaps of stuff!

In the cupboard in the utility room I found a multipack of spare laces, bought in the early 90s from a shop long since shut down and I wondered what the deal is with laces! Laces technology has obviously improved as I have never had to open this packet, my soles wear out before my laces give in!


  1. Goodness. You went through quite a few things this week. So glad you found a charity shop to donate to. And the lady with the bridge table is very lucky to know you. It always feels good to rehome items. My husband wears his laces out long before his soles. We are always looking for laces for him. Too bad we live in another country or I would take yours.

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  2. Oh gosh, I would feel so good just donating the whole lot, I think! Okay, maybe keep two sleeping bags, if you’re the camping sort (I’m definitely not). Hope you’re able to get all your donations out of your way soon!

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    • There’s another rubber boat in the garage as well 🤦🏼‍♀️. My friend has a SUP and wild swims so if the small boat is useable then I could go paddling whilst she is on her board or swimming. I need a wet suit though as Scottish lochs are very cold. Shoved around the L bend of a understairs cupboard it was going nowhere!

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  3. Wow – you are doing an amazing cleanout! How great that the portable bridge table has someone who appreciates it so much, and your charity shop can start taking some items. I bet you will be just thrilled to start moving things out of the house!

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