YOP11 Week 11/52 – FOs Point Edwards Mitts and RCR


I decided to go with Malabrigo Rios yarn for my Winding Down jumper that I frogged last week (because WYS yarn was scratchy). It’s superwash 🙄 but I know it’s soft from my Chimney Fire cardigan. The yarn in holly hock colour has arrived. Ooh it’s so pretty! I can’t get a true colour on photos. It’s like a dark cerise…ish.


I have tried a couple of lampshades with nepps in them (little lumps of wool).  They seem to be holding so far, but I will iron them and run a lint roller over and see if they seem secure before constructing the lampshades.  Oh and I need to needle felt some sheep on the landscape. When held against the window the dots are more obvious, I think I’ll add an extra label to these ones as they may not be what everyone would want when lit. Hard to know.

Fibre Prep

I carded lots and lots of batts for lampshades using a combination of hand dyed local wool and some commercial dyed wool.  Here are some but I forgot to take a photo of the landscape green ones before storing them.  The one on the carder is going to be for a Highland Cow lampshade.


I finished my Point Edwards Mitts and I love them.  I forgot to do twisted rib on the cuff but did it on the fingers and thumb.  I look forward to it getting a bit colder so I can wear them.  Yarn is Ripples Crafts in Mulberry Stained Fingers colour.

I also finished the Rose City Roller socks.  Yarn is Cookston Crafts in Thistly Brae colour. 

Other News

I only got out once on my SUP this week, the weather was grey and drizzly later in the week, thus me having time to finish my mitts.

I posted another Garden Diary update, these are mostly notes for myself but feel free to have a look if you like gardening.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. That yarn looks stunning. Congratulations on your finished items this week, it’s always nice to see progress being made. I admire your felting, I wish I could reach into the computer and feel your pictures!

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  2. You did prepare quite a bit of fiber for needle felting. When I saw the ‘brownish’ colorway I immediately thought of your highland cows. Your new yarn for your jumper is so pretty. Glad to hear it is soft too. Love the mitts and the socks. You accomplished quite a bit this week.

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  3. I love all of your projects!! Wow, you were really productive, too. I have made several items using Malabrigo Rios and just love it as a good, sturdy sweater yarn. I especially love how well it maintains its drape and resistance to pilling. I hope that it performs well for you, too. The mitts are just perfect for me to use in the car with the fold down features. I just rushed off to Ravelry to put them in my cart only to discover that they were a free pattern. Thank you so much for showing off your work, which is just fabulous, by the way. I think that you will be selling lots and lots of shades!!

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  4. Agree, the mitts are particularly pretty. The yarn seems to have a sheen, Does it have silk or bamboo? I appreciate your sharing about twisted rib and I try to remember to always do twisted rib. I agree it looks much better.

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