YOP11 Week 23/52 – Inkle band

I had wrist pain earlier this week, after all the heavy lifting during last week’s dyeing (I think). Monday it was so painful I lay on the sofa all day watching cheesy Christmas movies with ibuprofen gel and an ice pack.


I have all the bits now to start making some handbags! With a sore wrist I was just weighing fibre and getting embellishments ready. I’ve pulled together some silks, locks, handspun, hand dyed non-superwash yarn and will be using Perendale fibre.

I did manage to needle felt 3 gnomes and a bauble and drop them off at the shop. (I must have forgotten to photograph one of them). I also did a hyperlapse video of making one, so if you have 90 seconds to spare you can find the link here. There is no sound, I haven’t worked that out yet. I may do this with a fairy too!


I finished my band on my Inklet loom. This is the first project and you can see on the left photo how much better I have got from the start (left) to the end of the band (right). It is a warp facing fabric so you shouldn’t see the grey weft. (This was 16 ends and is 1.5cm wide.)

Now I know what to do my hope is to make some straps for the handbags I felt! Well that is the idea anyway.

I ordered some hoops and they are tiny…too tiny for the size of beads I used on this Dorset button šŸ˜‚

Other News

I made a wreath with some eucalyptus trimmings from the tree we had cut down that has been sprouting back to life.

I made another by just tying the BFL/seacell fibre I dyed last week on a wreath!

I couldn’t be bothered having the full sized tree this year, so have just put the top part of our fake tree into a pot and decorated it. This makes it a lot less cluttered in the living room.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. You certainly have been crafty this week. I love your felted Santa’s. I watched the video and was fascinated by it. Your wreaths are so cool. Who would have thought to use the fiber to make a wreath. It turned out so nice. What a clever idea to just use the top of the tree to make a tree for the season. Sure does take up less room than a full tree.

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  2. Where to start!! Your video was great. I did have to slow it down a bit. I was getting breathless. šŸ™‚ Your gnomes are too cute and would make great ornaments. Your belts look great and will make terrific handbag handles. Love your wreaths. Eucalyptus smells so good too. I also have a small tree but it makes me happy. Hoping the condo owner will let me store it for use next year.

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  3. Wow! You sure have been crafty! I am impressed that you got all of that done even with sore wrists. I just got some elastic hand/wrist braces from Amazon and they are helping me with my wrists while knitting, I’ll hunt up the info if you are interested. I am supposed to wear the serious braces while doing stuff like raking leaves, but do I ever remember in time? Nope. Anyway, I am sorry that happened and I do hope that your wrists behave themselves as you launch into all that bag making. I kind of want a Christmas tree this year but, once again, there is the kitten issue. I mean, can you think of a better cat toy for those two felines? I’m kind of stunned that you had an eucalyptus tree as we had them in Southern California and I thought that they were warm weather trees. Live and learn! Your wreath is really nice! I’m off to watch your video. šŸ™‚


  4. Your fibers are so pretty and the gnome is darling. Your straps should go nicely with your bags and I love the fiber wreath! I didn’t know you could grow Eucalyptus in Scotland. I always thought it was a plant for warm climates like Australia. Shows what I don’t know. I like your tree! I hope your wrist heals soon.


  5. WOw, no wonder your wrists are sore! I love your two wreaths, very clever both of them. And that gnome with its accompanying video is so cute. I hope your wrist is feeling better now, although spending the day resting and watching cheesy movies sounds perfect.

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