YOP11 Week 24/52 – Reflecting and Planning


I tested ideas for when I make my first felted handbag on a ball:

  • Perendale wool
  • Orange handspun merino/silk
  • Pale blue mohair boucle
  • Aqua flax fibre
  • Jade green silk.

I hate orange but it does pop against the greens. I think I like it better where I’ve split the ply so it’s thinner. I really like how the flax looks so will definitely add that and the boucle and have a think about the orange. The green silk isnt showing well, so doubt I will use that.

I was hoping to make the bag this week but my wrist is still getting the odd twinges of pain.


I have just been knitting 2 rows per day on my jumper.

I cast on a pair of Hasting Mittens by Tracie Millar (Grocery Girls podcast) using New Lanark DK wool. Having spent ages doing an Italian tubular cast on and it was clear I needed to make the size smaller so had to rip it out, so on my 2nd attempt just did a long tail cast on 🤣. It isn’t as nice looking but my mitten cuff will be hidden anyway. So far I love knitting it and how it looks.

I’ve used New Lanark wool quite a lot (Such a Winter’s Day jumper, felted Tote bag, the current jumper I am knitting) it is incredibly hard wearing and bobble resistant and 100% wool.

I also have a pair of socks I’ve started for Allistar. He says if I didn’t knit my mittens his socks may be ready for him to wear by New Year. Obviously I need variety and so will knit a little on both. He has huge feet so I’m thinking Easter may be more realistic haha!


With some scrap bamboo/linen yarn and a larger ring I made a Dorset buttons. This yarn is too splitty to look neat, but I have hung it on the tree.

On a tutorial video I found out there is a free app for designing inkle bands. So I had a play, came up with a design, warped it and have started to weave it. This strap will be for the felted bag.


My husband is going to book me on another wood turning lesson as a Christmas present. 🥳

Other News

I bought myself a planner for next year and I have been filling that in and thinking about some personal goals.

My 2021 Summary post is drafted and ready to publish on the 31st. My YOP year runs from July to June so approaching the mid-year point when I will see how I’m doing. So lots of reflecting and planning this week.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. Bless you!! I thought I was the only one working on my year review post “early”. As I’m putting the finishing touches on my 2022 knitting plan I couldn’t avoid reviewing my 2021 plan so started working on the review post. I hope you told your husband that his big feet meant Easter. 🙂 I love those mittens. The fingerless version is beautiful too. I hope your wrist gets better. I recall Andrea from Fruity Knitting had to take a long break from knitting to let whatever part of her arm it was to heal.

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  2. I can hardly believe we are almost at the half way point for this YOP! Anyway, the felting you have done to get a feel for the handbag. I agree, the orange needs to be split or it is going to overwhelm the material. The green sild does not show up well (but is such a pretty color and fabric). The flax is awesome too. As for the boucle, I think it fights with the orange. My thought would be to use either the orange or the boucle….but that is just my opinion. The homespun is perfect for the background. You are the second person talking about tubular cast ons. I guess I need to go and look that one up. It sounds like a lovely way to start a project. I love learning new things so that is on my list now. Your mittens are really pretty too. Love the colors (of course). What a pretty color for Allistar’s socks. What pattern are you using or are they vanilla? Your woven inkle band is so pretty. What a great design. Love your Dorset button too. How exciting you will be taking another wood turning class. You so loved the first one and did a superb job.


    • Hi, I think you are right about the either the boucle or the orange. I think I will go with flax and the boucle on my first one. The pattern for Allistar’s socks is ‘How I make my socks’ by Susan B Anderson. Just a vanilla sock but the yarn is pretty.


  3. All the projects you posted about today look great and are very creative. I think that your mojo is flowing well! Regarding the mittens and the cast-on, I have begun to be less critical of my knitting in areas that don’t show much. So I would have made the same decision. I look forward to reading your year-end review.


  4. I doubt anyone else would notice your mitten cuff cast on. It looks good to me. I like how stretchy the tubular cast on is, but other than that I’m not sure it’s worth the fuss. I love following your inklet loom weaving!

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  5. What a pretty Inkle band (had never heard of that before this post). I haven’t been keeping up with friend’s blogs in the last month and a half, but you sure have been keeping up on the crafty front. 🙂 It is so cool that your husband is going to book you another wood turning lesson. Great idea for a gift. And lastly – thank you for reminding me that I need to get a 2022 calendar! I always seem to wait ’till very late in the year, and the last couple of years, it was into January before I bought one. I’ve already got things to put on the January page, so I better get cracking on finding me a calendar. I’m probably one of the few people who still writes things on a paper calendar.


  6. Your mitts in that yarn are so pretty….I never knit with purple yarn but I’m thinking I should! So nice that you will be taking another woodturning class. I love the strap for the handbag. Thank you for the reminder of a review of the year halfway through it!

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  7. Well I think Easter socks are a great idea! My husband has big feet , and knitting socks for him is the equivalent of two pairs for me. I do love him though and he does appreciate the handknit socks so much! I hope your wrist stops giving you problems – and I look forward of seeing our felted bag.

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  8. You have so many great projects going! I’m interested to see how your bag progresses. I’m off to look at felted bags now. My daughter did a change purse for her grandmother. A bag might be something that interests her. The Dorset button looks great as an ornament! Love the colors on your inker band. I love how you are combing your crafts to make the bag. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

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