YOP11 Week 17/52 – Fibonacci towel FO


Lots of Corriedale wool has arrived for gnomes!

Drops Belle yarn for my Ship Shape jumper by Heidi Kirrmaier. By far the cheapest yarn I have ever purchased, but it’s been a popular choice for others who have knit this pattern so I thought I’d try it. Colours are Petrol and Silver. (Turns out petrol is almost exactly the same as teal feather Malabrigo I used on my chimney fire cardigan. 😆 To get free postage I also ordered some more colours of ribbon for my baubles that I make/sell.


I made a couple of vegan fibre fairies for the shop. They are made using a variety of plant and manmade fibres. I’m not sure if there’ll be of interest but I have a selection of fibres like ramie (nettles), cotton, bamboo, banana, rose, pineapple, faux cashmere?! and acrylic plus more so thought I’d see how they cope with needle felting.


Winding Down jumper – I finished two sleeves. I made some errors but ah well I’ve left them and made the same ones on the 2nd arm to match. I just have more length to add to the body now and think I’m going to have almost a skein left so may knit a matching hat…because you can’t have too many hats.

I’ll do an FO post when its finished .


The night of spinning group I wasn’t feeling very sociable so didn’t join the Zoom call and made the vegan fairies that evening instead.


Last Sunday evening I finished weaving my Fibonacci pattern tea towels. Weaving is so fast in comparison with knitting.

The towels are made using Hobbii 8/4 cotton (warp) and 8/2 cotton (weft) from The Handweavers Studio. This was my first time combining these yarns on a project.

I’m a member of Kelly Casanova’s weaving school and she has a pattern included in that (or purchasable on Etsy) for a Fibonacci pattern towel. However it was bugging me her number sequence wasn’t true to the sequence so I did my own.

In hindsight I wish I’d done the colours light to dark, or done them in just 2 colours. Hopefully you can see that the sequence runs left to right in one colour range and right to left in the other?

Really happy with the fabric its produced though.


The guy who I had a wood turning course from is starting to do them again so that’s exciting. Hopefully I can get booked in.

Other News

No opportunity to get out on my SUP this week. Its Guild renewal time so a busy month of admin for me as Treasurer. I’m away for a few days for a long weekend, then next weekend on a SUP course for 2 days so not sure whether I’ll get out before then. We shall see.

I saw some friends and relatives I’ve not seen in a long time (one for 29 years!!) So that was lovely and today I’m meeting 8 friends who I haven’t seen for a few years.

Our new kitchen is due to arrive mid November so that is stressing me out a bit, I wish there had been a firm that could have project managed it all for us instead of having to deal with lots of different tradesmen. Life in the Highlands 🙄

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


    • It looks a bit splitty in the skein but I made a Quick Sand cardigan with Drops linen yarn a while ago and that looked splitty and wasn’t too bad to knit with and has softened up very well in wearing. This seems so cheap I am intrigued how it will be but the linen one I have been very happy with how it has improved with wearing so fingers crossed on this one.

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  1. Lots of fun things this week – I really love how shiny those vegan fairies are! Apparently we live in the Highlands too. And are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. I’ve had only sparse use of my cabinets since July as we have been waiting for countertops to be installed on Monday finally, but then no running water or cooktop functional for 2 weeks until those tradespeople can come. I also have no power in half the outlets in the kitchen because of an issue with wiring in another room (the living room which we can’t use at all at night since there’s no power in it) and if I’m lucky all of that will be fixed sometime in December? I wish you luck with all of yours!

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  2. Your vegan fairies are so sweet and have such a pretty sheen on them. I really like your towels. The fabric looks quite absorbent. They will look so nice in your new kitchen. Kitchen remodels are super stressful. When we did ours I was without a kitchen for over 6 weeks. All our cooking was done via microwave or crockpot. It was horrible. Good luck on yours. Even in the US we have at least 3 of not 4 tradesmen when redoing a kitchen so it isn’t just in your country.

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    • My friends in the NW of England have hired contractors that coordinated all their tradesmen but there are so few contractors like that where we live they only take on massive jobs and so rarely household ones. It’s bamboo on these ones that is super shiny 😀


  3. I love your tea towel and how that sequence works. I’ve been itching to get my loom out lately but I made the mistake of buying a huge one so it feels like such a faff to get out! I’m really partial to teal and the colour of that yarn is beautiful. How are you finding it knits up?

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      • I have a 32” Kromski RH Harp. I’ve made a couple of scarves on it but that’s about it. I have tea towels in mind as a good practise project. I’d quite like to use it for something a bit more creative, maybe using some art yarn, but I think it’s a bit big for that. I think I was a bit ambitious about the bolts of cloth I imagined weaving when I was buying it.


  4. Oh my, lots going on! I do love a look at some acquisitions and your fairies are gorgeous. I can imagine the kitchen fitting is stressful, but keep your eyes on the outcome – it will be amazing!!

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    • The acrylic, ramie and bamboo all felted very easily with the needles. The cotton was more of a challenge and once it did felt it was sold and so attaching the hair became an issue. I will have further plays with the fibres. For wet felting they would all need to be blended with wool or have wool as they won’t wet felt alone


  5. love your towels and those fairies are absolutely adorable!! My get up has left, fall and winter are hard on me once the sun shines less time and the temps fall out of the warm area. So my knitting isn’t nearly as much as you are just plowing ahead LOL.

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  6. Oh my goodness LOVE your tea towels! Too pretty to use! I use Drops yarn all the time and it always works well. I have it shipped from UK though as we don’t have it here in US. I love the petroleum color but it’s hard to get, they’re always out at Wool Wearhouse. Have so much fun on you SUP course. Will be chilly.


  7. what a great week you had. The towels are so pretty. I did a Fibonacci hat for my SIL a few years back. The yarns are gorgeous and I really like those colors together. Woodturning…YAY!!! And a course in your SUP…..you are running on all cylinders! Plus, a family and friend reunion….how nice. I hope this co m ing week is just as nice for you.


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