YOP11 Week 5/52 – Finished Mostly Warmness


Felting group started up again on Saturday, in person! Only a few of us attended and it was a lovely day. I made lots of fairies! 9 for the shop and 2 will be flying over to a friend in Colorado.


I finally watched the video link from Martina Behm’s Mostly Warmness cowl on how to do the garter stitch grafting. It wasn’t very clear, so I watched another on YouTube by someone else and it was much easier and for that one there’d be no need to have cut the tail before starting the grafting, so that was a bit annoying as I’d already cut it (as per pattern). Anyway I’m happy with how it’s come together.

Grafted side is face up

I did lots of knitting of my Lake Reed hat, such a lovely pattern to knit and the merino single yarn is lovely and soft. The grey doesn’t suit me, so I will add more rows to it for my husband. At some point I’d like to knit this again, if I find a pretty coloured singles DK yarn.

I started swatching for my 2nd Quick Sand by Heidi Kirrmaer and my gauge is slightly off for the fabric I like, so think I will knit the next size up and hopefully it will work out.

I frogged the Feather and Fan scarf I was knitting with the tencel yarn. It is so slippery and with large needles that aren’t very pointy it was not enjoyable, so it’s been crossed off my list. I may try socks with it, or weave with the yarn.

Spinning and Weaving

I have only done about 5 mins of spinning and 8 rows of weaving.

Other News

Not too much else to report this week, it’s been one of those weeks that flew by and I wonder where it went. We had torrential rain that has filled my waterbutts back up. I did do some pruning between rain showers and some tidying. Oh and I have been getting some quotes done for removing moss from the roof and fixing some leaking gutter joints. My stand up paddle board should arrive on Tuesday so that’s exciting! 😀

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Oh wow, all your projects this week turned out so well. Amazing job on the garter stitch grafting, you’d have to tell me where it is for me to find it.

    The fairies are lovely as usual and it’s good to see you making them again.

    The hat looks lovely so far and is shaping up to be an amazing F.O. when it’s done.


  2. Love your rainbow fairy especially but they are all so cute. They are exactly the kind of thing I’d purchase as a memento of my trip to Scotland. Your graft came out great. I have absolutely no idea where you grafted. That purple yarn is gorgeous. The grey hat yarn looks lovely so I’m sure your hubby will enjoy wearing it.


  3. Can’t wait for pictures of you on that stand-up paddle board. How fun to get to Felt with others – in person! I like the hat pattern – your husband is lucky and that garter grafting looks seamless. Glad you found a you tube that helped. Some how to videos are definitely easier to follow than others!


  4. I can’t say I’ve ever done grafting in garter…might need to look into it. Of course, I’m going to have to eventually graft linen stitch together. I’ll probably have a visible seam and won’t care one bit. Oh well.


  5. Is there a seam there where you grafted? I searched for it, thought I saw it, then it moved, so I figured I didn’t have it at all. That is amazing! The gray merino you’re knitting that hat in is gorgeous. And the cabling is so nicely done. Your fairies always make me smile. It’s interesting how just changing the colors, changes their personalities. It’s so obvious when they’re all together like that. 🙂


  6. The fairies made me smile. They are great as usual. The grafting is wonderful. I can’t even see where it is. The lake Reed Hat….love all the cables. Hopefully you will find a color to suit you. In the mean time you hubby will have a nice warm head. Frogging seems to be the pattern these past couple of weeks. But better to frog than to have a product that will never be used.


  7. Your Mostly Warmness is lovely. I love Martina’s patterns but I will stay away from that one! LOL! I cannot see where you grafted it but just the word “graft” will keep me away! LOL! The hat is adorable and that sounds like a great pattern. I need to get my gutters fixed too. A standup paddle board sounds like so much fun!


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