YOP8 – Week 45/52


Elda – I finished the slipped stitch section and I am happy with the colour variance of the spare yarn that Helen from Ripples Crafts so kindly gave me for free.  The Estonian Braid lines are in the original colour and the slipped stitch the new.  Seeing what is left off the new colour I know I made the right decision, as there wouldn’t have been enough for the braid as well.

I’ve started the arm again, this time with a larger needle size and not picking up extra stitches and so far I am happier with the fit on my arm and the gauge.  I am hoping to do the sleeve knitting in the car to Yorkshire, as it’s a 6+ hour teip each way.  I may get car sick but I’ll give it a go.


Quick Sand – I had a plan to do the Quick Sand cardigan, by Heidi Kirrmaier in home dyed BFL/Silk yarn, but I think I need a lot more practice in dyeing batches the same colour first.  So I ordered some Drops Bomull-Lin (linen/cotton) yarn to make it.  The original pattern is for linen yarn. 

The Drops yarn I bought has been used by many other knitters to make this pattern and they all seem to have gone down a needle size to get gauge and a nicer fabric, so I have as well.  I’m knitting the M2 size even though my measurements are nearer the M1 size, so I’m hoping that it will fit.  The way the pattern is written I can switch to the L size when I finish the yoke, if it’s looking too small.  The cardigan is supposed to have up to 3” of positive ease…I think I’ll be nearer it having no ease, which I’d be fine with.  The yarn was reasonably priced, after washing the swatch it feels nicer, but to knit with it has really cracked my right index finger after 1 day of using it.  I started to try Portuguese knitting on the purl sides, you wrap the yarn around the back of your neck and do most of the stitch movement with your left thumb.  This is not the right project to practice this on though, the yarn could decapitate me, it’s so rough and harsh under tension.

The yarn has both cracked and blistered my skin! I’d like it to be finished by summer, as that’s obviously linen wearing season, but I may need a finger cosy when knitting it…is there such a thing????


I had the urge to try some more dyeing and thought I’d have a go at making a gradient set. Using Landscape Acid Dyes in Opal colour.  I first divided one skein of BFL high twist sock yarn into different smaller skeins.  I basically wrapped 1 skein around my niddynoddy, the same amount of wraps, then cut and tied them.  I ended up with 6 evenly sized mini skeins and a slightly larger one.

I have these handy garden ties, that are like reusable zip ties and ideal for mini skein dipping!  Anyone else’s mind leap to skinny dipping?  Nope, ok just me.  Anyway, I’m happy with the results except I did get a tiny bit of Marine blue cross contamination on some of my 5 gradient minis from the 2 speckle practice ones I was playing with.  

I’m not sure what I will make with them yet.  Maybe socks!  We shall see.  I carried these around the house trying to find somewhere that the colours would come out right but no joy.  Anyway you get the idea, but they are more vibrant and richer turquoise colours.

 No felting, tiny bit of spinning and weaving, but no visual changes since last photos of those. 







  1. I love how you’ve used the extra skein of yarn in the Elda and that the arms are now fitting better. What a pain the yarn for the Quick Sand sounds to be, perhaps if you cut the finger off a latex glove and wore it over your finger it might help save it while you tension your yarn. The dyed yarn turned out lovely and they will make some pretty socks for sure.

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  2. Your Quicksand will look lovely in the linen but I don’t envy you the knitting part.
    I taught myself Portuguese knitting in order to try and give my hands a break. If you’re determined to learn you could always try using one of the pins instead of taking the yarn round your neck. I found a pack of two on Amazon. While I was waiting for them to arrive hooked my yarn through a locking stitch marker on a piece of ribbon which I wore around my neck.
    Beautiful turquoise too.

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  3. Such a nuisance having a split index finger. You can get things called finger stalls, but if you have access to latex gloves using the cut off finger from those would work just as well.

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  4. I know there are finger cots you can pick up in a drug store. If you think mini skein dipping reminded you of skinny dipping then finger cots will remind you of condoms. LOL. I love the braid on you sweater. So pretty and so glad it is making you happier now. Doing Portuguese knitting around the neck is horrible no matter what yarn you use. If you have a safety pin to attach to your top it will be much easier. I use my homemade magnetic knitting pins. No holes in my tops then. You can find the DIY on Pinterest.

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  5. All your projects are looking so lovely! Your Elda is gorgeous, and your mini-skeins are too. Hope there is a solution that will give your hands a break for knitting with that linen blend yarn. As you said, it does soften up with washing, but that doesn’t help you for knitting!

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