YOP10 Week 10/52 – mini Havana and Fairies


My mini Havana is coming along slowly. I made a mistake about 4 rows down and loved the fact it was easy to fix. Because you are always working each row individually from right to left, not back and forth, if you make a mistake it is super easy to just unpick part of the rows above the mistake and then re-crochet the end of each row. I hope that makes sense, I should have taken a photo.

Now I have an outlet for sales my selfish crafting time will reduce significantly, especially as it’s time to get cracking on making things for Christmas (gifts and stock for the shop).


No wet felting this week, instead I have been needle felting. We had put 10 fairies up in the shop as a test and I was contacted by the owner, Hazel, to say only 3 were left so she needed some more. I dropped off some ready made ones and then started a little fairy production line. I will be doing a separate post this week about how I make my fairies and showing the 10 I have made this week. Here’s a sneak peak of the not quite finished 10.

Other News

We got back from our mini break on Tuesday evening. On the way home we stopped in Durness for a hot chocolate and walk on another of our favourite beaches. We then headed south but a different route as we wanted to check the location of a holiday cottage we were considering for later in the year. We have since booked that cottage for a week in November. I just can’t get enough of being near the coast! I’ll leave you with another coastal image.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. wow, such gorgeous pictures of the coast, it looks so peaceful!

    I am so happy for your sales, your fairies are very lovely, your felting is so accomplished! I can’t quite read the labels, do they mention your Etsy shop? I think you could get those customers from the gallery to discover your shop!

    Hope it doesn’t happen, but if you stumble into another crocheting mistake, I’d love to see a picture, as I thought in crochet you could only unravel all the way back to the mistake, so this would be great for me to learn. But here’s hoping you get no more mistakes!

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    • Because you crochet a row right to left and then cut your yarn, then go back to the beginning of the row, attach next colour and crochet a row, cut yarn and so on. So make a mistake you undo the knot on the end of each row and rip back. Hopefully I won’t make a mistake again 😂

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  2. Your fairies are lovely, hope you’ll sell lots of them. They seem like the perfect “little gift” item. Your Havanny is coming along lovely. What I love about mosaic crochet is it’s so forgiving in terms of fixing mistakes, and it looks so much more complicated than it actually is.

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  3. Your felting amazes me. I’ve never been exposed to much felting work. I too enjoy being near water. In Florida our condo at least faces to a small man made “lake”; a large pond is more accurate. But it does draw interesting birds.

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  4. I am so glad your fairies and other items are selling so well for you. Your next location for vacation is lovely too. You have some of the best places to go for holiday. Glad you found another one to use.

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  5. Oh, it will be fun to see a post devoted to your fairies. How terrific that you get called to restock the shop with your creations. Sounds fun and very gratifying. Love that coastal picture. And it’s so deserted… I can see why you can’t get enough.

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  6. Lovely fairies,and lovely beach. I too love living near the ocean. My happy place for sure (along with the cedar forests). Thank you for the tip about rolags and backward draw. I have made about 10 rolags this morning to try later today!

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