Mini Havana Finished Object



Havana by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir


3 skeins of Cascade 220 wool in Azure, Cyan and Porcelain Blue (100% wool)

1 skein of Paintbox Wool Mix Aran in Duck Egg Blue (50% wool/50% acrylic)


Pattern: it costs £5.74 ($7) but I was gifted this during Tour de Fleece.

Yarn: £25.97

Total (excluding labour): £25.97


Started – 27th August 2020

Finished – 21st September 2020

Link to Ravelry Page

Pattern summary

This pattern is one of Tinna’s mosaic crochet patterns. The actual pattern is for a huge blanket that does 3 repeats of each of the 7 pattern sections and has a border that uses almost as much yarn as the blanket itself. Mine is a borderless mini version.

    52cm x 94cm finished size
  • Initial row was 87 (7 repeats of 12 + 3)
  • 2 repeats of patterns 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7
  • 1 repeat of pattern 4.
  • I wove in the ends, which had been kept much shorter than recommended to maximise blanket size. I think one more skein would have given a better finished length.
  • The 5mm needle makes a good blanket with drape, but isn’t quick for me to crochet with.
  • Definitely prefer wool to the wool/acrylic mix.

The pattern is very easy to understand, Tinna has very easy to follow YouTube tutorials, that I watched before I owned the pattern. It looks like it would be really complicated but this really is an easy project.

The colour options are enormous and I wanted to experiment with carrying one colour across multiple sections, I started carrying across 2 sections and then carried one colour across sections 3, 4 & 5, the towards the end I was just using up what was leftover and there is no carry over. In the photo below you will see between sections 5 and 6 there is no carry over of colour and this is my least favourite look.

When I eventually make a larger version for our bed I think I will opt for carrying a colour across multiple sections, that or I also like the ones which have one colour across the whole blanket. There’s a gallery in her Facebook group with so many examples and they all look amazing.

Yarn Summary

I am going to go with 100% wool when I do my larger version, I prefer the fabric it produces and feel of it whilst crocheting. The colours of the Cascade 220 yarns are rich and there is a huge range to pick from. It will make a larger blanket more costly but that’s the decision I have made.

The Paintbox yarn was more prone to splitting, but there was some with the Cascade. Neither make for a fast crocheting experience, but perhaps that is more down to my inexperience than the yarn. I can see a big blanket taking me a year to complete. We have a super king sized. I also need to figure out where I would store a finished version during the summer months. Anyway, one day I will make a big version.

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  1. It looks marvelous. I believe you could do the king sized in a year. It might get a bit hard to work on in the summer months due to the warmth of it . My next one will be done in DK weight yarn. The worsted/aran weight is so heavy and not much drape. I have scads of DK and will just use all of that up for the next one. A true scrapghan.

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