YOP10 Week 46/52 – Landscape shade

What a contrast to last week when I had so much to report and so many ideas, for this week’s YOP post I am having to cast my mind back to recall if I did anything crafty! Of course I did, but not much!


My latest Highland Landscape lampshade was finished off by needle felting some sheep and some extra heather details. I have left the overlap out rather than folding it over, which I also did on the stormy seas one last week. I will see if this makes a difference to buyers. I actually like the look where the edges are neat enough to do this. I love the purple heather on this one.

I sent one of my seascape shades from last week to my friend in Ireland. Hopefully it will arrive safely. I have decided that I will be putting some lampshades on Etsy, but will need to make some more stock first. Plus the Alchemist Gallery needs some more 20cm shades and the owner has asked me to make some more fairies as they are running low. So once they are stocked up I will sort out Etsy.

I needle felted some Shetland wool into balls that I will turn into the landscape and seascape baubles too.


If you read my post last week you will know I planned to experiment with a pair of Rose City Roller socks, by casting on 56 stitches and using 2.25mm needle (instead of 64 stitches on 2mm I normally use) and it worked! They fit, I used 17g of yarn and have 17g left…we shall see how accurate my scales are when I cast on its buddy.

I have knit some of my hat and on the habitation throw but not worthy of a photo yet.

I will leave you with a photo I took of Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull. Just to show all these Highland Seascape lampshades I do with the turquoise water near the shore are true to life. See you next Sunday.

Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull. Calgary in Canada was named after this place! Or so the sign says!

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. Love the lampshades — they are so clever. Not so sure about the overlap, personally, but it curiously makes a seamless join in the image. Will the overlap stand out when light is shining through it, I wonder?

    As for turquoise seas, Achmelvich Bay is exactly the same. Looks positively Mediterranean – when the sun shines.

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    • A good point. The joint is more secure with the overlap and on the photo it looks more pronounced than in the flesh but yes when illuminated there is always a line whether folded or overlapped so it would definitely sit at the back but from the sides it is less obvious than a fold. I think I will probably keep folding but wanted to try an overlap on each and see what it looks like. If they don’t sell it’s an excuse for me to change some lamps around in the house. Thanks for your feedback. We love Achmelvich too. Coral beach on Skye and a few on Harris and Lewis …actually so many haha but for photos you need a bit of sun to show it off,


      • The lampshades are lovely as always. I would imagine the join would be at the back however it was done so I would do what is easiest for you. The socks look great a yay for a good fit!

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  2. Oh Oh!! On Etsy. I need to go measure my lamp!!! The sheep are adorable! I too prefer the overlap but it is in the back. Too funny about timing. Met with my local knitting friends yesterday and had a big discussion on how many stitches to use for socks! Have you seen the pattern where she does a ribbing on the arch?!! Hugs the arch of the foot nicely. I’ll be trying that on my next pair of fingering weight socks.

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  3. Your lampshades do look just like the picture! What a beautiful place you live in and I’m so glad that your creations are selling so well that you have to keep restocking! You should print some copies of that picture to sell with the shades. 🙂

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  4. I am always in awe of your fiber painting. But seeing the landscape that inspires?? Uncanny! As always, so very beautiful. I’m so excited to see your baubles all done up!

    I’m a HUGE fan of shortie socks, and I love yours! I hope the second works up lickety split!

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  5. Reading the comments above, I’m struck by Cinna calling what you do, fiber painting. What a perfect word. That’s exactly what your felting projects look like. 🙂 I’d never given it thought before about your lampshades having a seam. Is it easy to get the scene to match up, I wonder? How gratifying it must be to have orders requested. I’m not surprised. You make such beautiful, original things.

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    • Thank you Becki. It is very tricky to get them to line up, I measure before felting but shrinkage can be different rates depending how the fibres were laid and I have to sometimes needle felt some grass or sea to get them to look right.


  6. Decisions, decisions. I like the overlap and since it would be in the back, who’s to know. So glad your socks fit with the larger needle and less stitches. Calgary Bay is so pretty. The wayer color reminds me of the Mediterranean sea.

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  7. wow those lampshades really do reflect the photo you posted. You could consider having a photo on the lampshade price tag to show how realistic your work is! Love the RCR pattern. So easy and quick and well fitting. Well done on changing up the needle size and stitch count. After knitting 80 stitches on 2.5 for my hubby’s socks I am envious of your wee feet!

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