Sea glass creations

I love to collect sea glass from Rosemarkie Beach on the Black Isle, Highlands of Scotland. I have been collecting it for years, with no clue what I’d do with it.  I used to come home and just split the colours into different pots and shove them in a drawer!

And so I thought I would finally get around to doing something with them, a way of going cold turkey on the knitting addiction for a few days.

With the smaller pieces I have made some jewellery.

With larger pieces I have made a wind-chime which hangs from some driftwood found on Findhorn Beach, Morayshire.  It is surprisingly difficult to photograph, but perhaps because it is such a dull day.  (Basically it looks better in real life.)  I drilled holes using my Dremel.  (I put a small block of wood in a bowl, put some water in enough to cover the wood and the sea glass on top.  This helps prevent glass dust getting in the air and keeps it cooler, and reduces the risk of shattering pieces.)  Then I just threaded them on some fishing line with knots to stop them all sliding down.


The rest I have put in a glass dish with a candle in.  So hopefully that will look pretty when it goes dark and I can light it.


Various art I’ve produced

Landscape in pastels
Pepper and apple in pastels
Beach at sunset in pastels
Family in the rain, in pencils
My husband’s parrot in pen and pastels
Postcards in pen and watercolour
Abstract in crayon and watercolour
Northern lights in crayon and watercolour
Northern lights behind a mountain in crayon and watercolour
Rainy Scottish Highlands in watercolour
Stormy hills in watercolour
Boats on a loch in watercolour
Boat on loch in watercolour
Bridge at sunset in watercolour
Green vase in watercolour
My first attempt at oil painting





Cala lily
Bolivian desert

Pastel Drawing–Highland Cow



Not the best photo of it as I’ve taken in electric light and with a flash.  Really pleased with my drawing though.