Fortrose to Rosemarkie via Chanonry Point

I found this walk on the Walkhighlands website, although technically the walk on the website is slightly longer we were exhausted carrying our extra Christmas weight. It was a really windy day but we were wrapped up and the sun was shining, blue sky and a strong wind is just what was needed after our Christmas couch potato few weeks.

I couldn’t believe that I have lived in the Highlands for 10 years now and I only at the weekend properly understood the geographical layout of Fortrose and Rosemarkie. The walk we did was basically a triangle, walking from Fortrose cathedral along the beach out to Chanonry Point, the UK’s best place to see dolphins, and then back along another beach towards Rosemarkie. On the way out to the point it was really exposed to the wind, Allistar walked along the beach but I opted for the grass path which offered some cover from the wind thanks to some shrubs. As soon as we started walking back on the other side the water was calmer, the wind was far less thanks to some bushes on the golf course. We stopped at the Rosemarkie Beach Cafe for a late lunch of soup for me and a cheeseburger for Allistar. This is a community initiative and was ideal for being able to sit outside and not have to take all our layers off to eat inside somewhere. I am sure we will be back to buy an ice cream and try a walk out to the caves further along the coast.

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