Social Media Addiction

The irony of me writing this on my blog and then it will auto post on my Twitter and Facebook is honestly not lost on me.  

I was recently in Ibiza at a yoga retreat.  When I went to Ibiza I wanted to kick start my yoga practice again and stop being hooked on Facebook, emails, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, reading blogs. I was finding my whole weekends were being spent clicking refresh or watching clip after clip etc.

One of the guys there said some things that have really stuck in my mind since.  One evening a group of us were sat around the table with some of us about to go out for the evening.  People were taking photos on their phones and then sharing them on WhatsApp.  Steve counted how many people had their phones out, all looking down at the shared pictures and said something like “you are all looking at your phones to see what you would see if you just looked up from them”.  When we tried to get him to join the WhatsApp group he said his phone wasn’t linked to the Internet!  Unheard of surely nowadays.  The third thing he said which stuck with me is he only checks his emails every few days.  Not every few minutes or hours, but days….days of not checking emails!!!  This is inconceivable to me, the social media junkie.

At least when I am out with people I am with them 100% and keep my phone in my handbag.  I saw a friend a few weeks ago that I hadn’t seen since the Christmas party. A whole bunch of us were bowling and she spent the whole evening texting her boyfriend and I wondered why she had come out.
On Thursday I went to see the afternoon recording of the Graham Norton show (recorded early as Nicole Kidman is in a West End play).  When I came out I walked along the Southbank Centre and stopped at a French bakery and bought a cake and drink.  Outside the cafe people were sitting at tables all with their phones out not talking to each other.  I took my drink to the riverside and sat and watched people ignoring their children whilst they were texting. People sat on benches texting.  People queuing for the London Eye all texting.  Tourist couples with their noses in their phones texting whilst walking past the things they probably came to London to see.
Does nobody ever engage in actual conversation with each other any more?  I saw this on Facebook and I don’t know who took it or where the sign was, but seriously it could apply to anywhere these days.  I really do want to try to break this addiction to knowing what others are doing and do stuff myself.  I want to travel and so travel blogs are providing me with valuable advice, Pinterest has been a good way of finding articles about countries I would like to visit.  I am not saying that it is all bad, that these things don’t have their uses.  But I would like my life to be more than looking at a screen day and night.


Sign of the times
This is so true!


When I am in London this week I will take some photos that further demonstrate my point.



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