YOP8 – Week 14/52

Chimney Fire cardigan is finished!

Please follow the link to see the post about it and the finished photos. 

Nuno Felted Scarf

Ermmm this needs more work, perhaps I will spin some silk thread to sew the seams and put other details and attach some whisps that haven’t joined the silk.  When I made my sister a scarf I used too much fibre, this time not enough and its felted too quickly to itself rather than the silk (despite using cold water).  Perhaps when its dry I can make some decisions.
Nuno felting scarf

My Husband’s socks

I bought an Addi Sockwonder 2.5mm 25cm circular needle and what a speed I was able to knit up to where I need to divide for the heel.  Way faster than magic loop or double pointed needles, you just go round and round.  The yarn is Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect…we shall see if it makes a perfect pair!!!
Allistar’s socks started
 No update from me next week as I will be away this week and will just be working on the socks in the evenings.


  1. Wow – that scarf is just amazing. Looking at these pictures I think I understand better what you’re doing. Very cool, Liz. Oooh… just looked up the Addi Sockwonder 2.5mm 25cm circular needles – now those could convince me to give sock knitting a try. Now if there was just an invention for magically making heels and gussets I’d jump on it. I still remain mystified and intimidated over those things.


    • Heels I find that easy, it’s the gusset I struggle with, as I hate picking up stitches, but this pattern has slip stitches at start of each row of heel and you pick those up so they are easier to spot…however I have discovered my pattern and yarn for these aren’t perfect for each other as I am about to start gusset and running out of blue section…ah well it’ll be in a shoe! If I run out at the toe end then I am really in trouble 😂


    • Becki, my first socks used the Hermione’s everyday socks pattern, but I did less rows than needed as I prefer ankle socks…for first time socks I thought it was pretty easy. To turn the heel I did switch to DPNs but now doing decreases on the gusset and I am back on the Sockwunder needle with markers. I would say give a pair a go on DPNs if you have them for your first pair.


  2. The scarf colors are gorgeous. Hopefully you can ake it behave.
    I tried the small circulars for socks. It aggravated my arthritis too much. I used a death grip on them which was my own fault. I am glad you are enjoying them. So many people love them. I wish they had worked for me.


  3. I don’t know why your comments are not posting on my blog. I wil check the settings again to make sure i is opened properly. I know I have other Wordpres boggers that leave comments. Thank you for readng my blog though. It makes me happy to know you d that.


  4. Chimney Fire is absolutely gorgeous! Just love it!

    I like the socks too. I’m curious to hear about how it goes with this yarn. I have a ball of Pairfect in stash that i’ll get to sooner or later but i’ll Definitely be annoyed if the resulting pair aren’t perfectly matched!


    • I thought the striping was going wrong but I’m just working the gusset stitches at the moment so will see when that’s finished if number one worked ok…as for whether the second will match I’m not sure as I didn’t exactly take proper notice of when I started the heel flap…oops!!! Also suspect I may have gone a wee bit wrong when I did the heel flap rows too. My husband says not to worry as they’ll be hidden by his shoe anyway 😂


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