YOP8 – Week 25/52


The vanilla socks are finished and I’ll post a photo after Christmas, just in case the recipient reads my blog!

I started on the hat for my husband, using the corriedale fractal wool I spun (as shown in last week’s update).  I am using a pretty simple ribbed pattern, as I think the yarn colours would blur an intricate design; plus cables work best with 3 ply, not 2 ply.  It seems a long while since I have knit something with a worsted weight yarn and larger needles. So this photo is just one day’s progress, so should be finished early this week and I can do some selfish knitting.

The stressful situation I have been dealing with for a long time is finally over…so to treat myself I have bought some interchangeable needles. I prefer wood or bamboo needles, so opted for KnitPro Interchangeable needles in sizes 3.5mm to 8mm.  And they perfectly fit in the opening flap pocket of my circular needle case I made!  Perfect!! 

Colour is wrong on this photo…but you see the perfect fit


This week at my felting group I did some needle felting instead of wet felting for a change.  I used a ball of wet felted samoyed dog hair I made months ago (these parts were too rough to spin).  I then needle felted a picture similar to one I had noticed on Pinterest.  I just need to sew a loop on top and hang it on the tree. It is very lightweight. 


I also made some replacement pictures for a couple of Christmas frames I had.  These are clearly mice who have been tucking into too much Christmas cheese!!!  Especially the one on the left (she’s hanging a stocking on a toadstool…in case it isn’t clear.



Well you couldn’t make up my numptiness!  I thought I would dye a skein of merino silk blend yarn.  The idea being to test the different coloured landscape dyes I have and see how they turn out.  So I carefully mixed the colours, put in little pots, kept the pots of dye in the same order…..then when I finished I packed it all away having not written notes about what colours I used where!!!!  Doh!!!

The same day I also dyed my Shetland homespun yarn that I finished the week before.  I used hot pink, raspbery and opal blue colours and Oh my goodness I love this purpleness! And this will be another hat for me!  You can’t have enough purple hats!   

 Oh and for regulars to my blog, I have now finished watching all 12 seasons of Bones.  It was easy to have on in the background without needing to watch the actual screen, so I could still be productive.  Now to start watching Christmas movies!



  1. What a really productive week you’ve had! Love how the colours in the hat are working up in the simple rib to show them off and how cute is that needle felted picture. The purple Shetland is going to be such a great hat!

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  2. That hat is gorgeous! I love the fractal yarn you are using. The colors are yummy. Speaking of colors…..your dyed yarn is pretty too. Of course the purple one is my favorite. You can never have TOO much purple! Your felting projects so interest me. The one with dog hair…….will is smell like wet dog if it gets wet? LOL The little mice ornaments are precious. You have so much talent and do things that we hardly ever see done here in the US. Have a good week. Glad to hear your stress situation is over with!

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    • Thanks Marsha, I totally agree re: purple. There was a very strong doggy smell when I was making it but hopefully used enough olive soap to felt it that the doggy smell has now gone. Definitely an indoor decoration though.


  3. Another busy week has been had. Great that you were able to treat yourself and they fit perfectly. Love the hat and the felting, I think this time of year the mice should be well fed!

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  4. So glad to read your stressful situation has been resolved (or is over, whichever the case may be.) And glad you could treat yourself to new knitting needles.

    And your felting!!!! Once upon a time I bought a few supplies to try needle felting and never did anything with it. Even after watching videos, there remains a mysteriousness about it for me. I love seeing your projects. The scene on the round ball of wool is cute, and those mice and toadstools are adorable! Before I looked it up, I had no clue what numptiness was, but right off I thought your dyed yarns are beautiful. 🙂 I love both colorways, but yes… that purple is great!

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