Decisions decisions!

Yesterday I went to Dornoch Fibre Fest and bought sooooo much yummy yarn!

To justify my new acquisitions I have been putting patterns against each yarn in my Ravelry queue. Some kind of weird psychology that helps me feel these were an investment not impulse buys!

I want to do my first brioche shawl (ignoring the fact Void shawl still isn’t finished). The thing is I am not sure whether with brioche you need a light and a dark skein, or whether it’s effective with 2 deep saturated colours.

Here’s my 3 options, is your preference top, middle or bottom?

It’s to go with my Chimney Fire cardigan.

The 2 deep colours are Merino, Silk & Yak blend. The 2 speckles are merino, nylon with one having some alpaca too.

I don’t have the patience to knit a shawl that needs all 4 skeins.

More on the fibre fest later this week.


  1. Thanks AJ and Alissa, My mini poll on Instagram and here has a consensus on the middle pair so I’m going with that. Someone suggested I change the image to black and white to see the difference in the dark shades and there’s barely any tonal variance, so that confirmed it. 😀

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  2. I’m late to this party, but I agree on the middle two skeins! While you can do brioche with yarns that are close in value, it doesn’t show the stitch work to it’s best advantage. Looking forward to hearing about the fibre fest!

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